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Chris Rugh Keynote Speaker

 Chris will deliver an event that you’ll never forget. Not only is his humor, unique personality, and individual character worth listening to in itself, the messages he delivers are outstanding. Chris strongly believes that a balance between work and life is of the utmost importance. Since we as people spend so much time working the 9 to 5 job and worrying about money, we don’t take enough time to stop and enjoy life. It is extremely easy to lose focus. This is why Chris and his ideas are so valuable. They help change your perception on life so you can live it to the fullest…and be happy.

Chris offers a services in public speaking for public or private events and meetings as well as offers consulting services. He speaks on a number of different topics which range from “leveraging your resources” to “being yourself”. He speaks at different press conferences, private functions, as well as inspirational events. With some consulting projects on the side, Chris also works with business owners and CEOs to help reduce workloads and work hours and well as restructure and reorganize businesses as needed in order to increase efficiency and production.