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Speaker Testimonials

This page includes testimonials from various clients who have hired Chris as their consultant or guest speaker for their event. These testimonials haven't been edited or altered in any way. We work with the utmost professionalism and creativity to suit our clients and provide them with the best event and best ideas for their businesses.

We’d like to thank our most devout clients for sending in their testimonials and sharing with the world their honest opinions on our services. We deeply appreciate their kind thoughts and generosity. We sincerely hope that we continue working together in the future and develop and maintain our professional relationships and continued service.

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“Excellent! Mixing humor with serious topics and talking with the audience instead of to the audience, kept everyone involved.”  – Sally Caminiti

“I am thrilled to have been able to attend 2 of your presentations.  They were interesting, funny, thought-provoking and educational.  Thank you so much for presenting for my organization.  You met and exceeded all of our expectations.”  – James OliverXX

“Are you interested in ramping up your business very quickly? If so, buy this book!” - Carol Walter, Independent Univera Associate

“Chris Rugh’s insight into the importance of developing a healthy balance between work life and personal life is inspiring. I’ve always known a proper balance is healthy for relationships but Chris helped me realize it is also healthy for my business. Thanks Chris! ~ Daniel Worthington

“1-800-Awesome is exactly that – AWESOME! Chris made me realize that I can be myself and still be successful. I’m a free thinker and rebel at heart but I’ve always conformed to the status quo; work hard, wear a suit to look professional and work long hours to get ahead. I learned from 1-800-Awesome      : Tactics for Making $10,000 an Hour that those were the exact things that were holding me back. I have rekindled my rebellious spirit and leveraged it to take my business far beyond any of my previous expectations.” - Donald Klinger

“As a business owner, I’ve always worked harder than my employees because I believed I had to in order to ensure critical tasks were accomplished.  1-800-Awesome      : Tactics for Making $10,000 an Hour made me realize that my real job is to make myself ‘useless’.  When I followed Chris’ advice, productivity in my business skyrocketed.  Trust me, you need to read this book to really understand how great it is to be useless!” - Kevin Denny

‎”Buy the book it is like soup it’s good for you” Jacob Caldwell, CEO and Spiritual Cop” - Jacob Caldwell

‎”Sometimes truth is coy and quiet; not the case with Christopher Rugh – his wisdom is blunt, bold, and exacting. Someone who speaks Truth – often when you don’t want to even hear it.” - Soleil Hepner

‎”All American Good Guy “This Chris Rugh guy is just awesome! He really knows his stuff. Listen to him!” -  Rick Koss

“Chris Rugh has definitely succeeded in what he is here for; his story of unprofessional success and his lessons on how you can also work less, make more, and live really well all are provided in this new book sure to change many lives for the better.” - Tyler R. Tichelaar, Ph.D., and author of the award-winning “Narrow Lives”

“‎Chris Rugh is 1-800-AWE-SOME.. When it comes to making money and living well he knows what the hell he is doing” -  Alex Algard Founder, Whitepages.com and CarDomain Network

“After reading the book i decided that Chris Rugh is DANGEROUS”-  Emily Zillig – Former Federal Department of Justice officer and analyst.

“Chris came to us as a suggestion from our Ignite-U video pro, Kerri Lee O’Farrell.  I went to Chris’ website and saw the title of his new book…

“1-800-AWESOME: Tactics for Making $10,000 an Hour”.  That’s all I needed to see.  I asked Kerri to connect us.

Soon thereafter Sherri and I headed North to Seattle to spend 2 hours with Chris in a cool coffee shop on Capitol Hill.  I picked his brain until he begged for mercy!  We spoke about his upbringing in the Detroit area.  How he came up with the idea that led to the largest vanity telephone number company in the country. And much more.

As Chris spoke all I could think was…”THIS IS A BIG IDEA GUY”.  You won’t even be able to be in the same room with Chris unless you are willing to think bigger. And yes…if that book title caught your attention you will be able to purchase one at Ignite-U!”: - Kieran Murry, Founder - ignite-u.com