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You'll Definately Want to Sneeze With the Release of the New Book The Things I Used to do to Sneeze

(PRWEB) November 20, 2011

Flu and cold season is upon us, but it?s a lot more than germs that will have us sneezing this season. Brand Strategist, Columnist and Inspirational Speaker, Monica Cost, released her first book yesterday entitled ?The Items I Employed to do to Sneeze: How to live an authentic life with amazing sensations?. Making use of the comparison of Monica?s own really like for the physical sensation of sneezing, to that of emotional sensations sought by several people, the book takes readers on a new journey of self discovery by using the TPS, the truth positioning program.

Monica wrote the book to start a new conversation about self discovery and authentic living. It is for people interested in defining their individual truth and living an authentic life aesthetically, emotionally, spiritually, professionally, relationally, financially and parentally. ?We?re in an fascinating time in our globe, exactly where men and women are finding fed up with the suggested lifestyle. They?re wanting a lot more from their lives and it?s associated to identifying personal values?, Stated Cost. She further stated that, ?much of our unfulfillment, failure in human relations (nearby and abroad), and expectations are stemming from our failure to realize what we want and why. The noise is out of control.?

Price shares her own stories of compromise and the negative impacts of conforming her values to meet those of mainstream having lived so many years, herself, in the Land of Make Think. Although sensations like acceptance, envy and pride are usually achieved via a compromise of values, the expense to our soul is high. In this state of conformity, individual purpose is lost. Now living a far more honest life in the ?Land of Authenticity and Truth?, realizing a far more authentic path and achieving higher levels of success, Monica is sharing this message with the world.

About the Author
Monica Expense is a Brand Strategist, Columnist for celebrity news web site EUR Net, and respected speaker. She has more than 15 years of brand development and communications experience. For far more information, log onto http://www.sneezetrue.com.