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Wowing Women with the Perfect Career or Business Opportunity

Austin, TX (PRWEB) January 1, 2009

Women's Opportunity World, a new online resource guide that inspires women to fulfill their ambitions, whether it is to find their dream business, work from home, or further their education.

"Every woman has a story to tell, and these stories can often help identify new opportunities for other women" says Juanita Jones of Women's Opportunity World. "Women's Opportunity World is a way to inspire women to pursue their dreams."

The web site of Women's Opportunity World (available online at http://www.WomensOpportunityWorld.com) was started when a group of successful women entrepreneurs sensed that something was missing. Seeing many women around them struggle to even identify opportunities, let alone pursue them, these entrepreneurs envisioned a community that would make the right information available to every woman.

A free women's mentoring program puts women needing assistance in touch with women who can provide guidance and motivation. A large database of jobs includes opportunities to work from home or even start their own business. The web site provides information on free educational grants and on going back to school as well.

With the strong links of an online community, women can now seek out other women for business opportunities, whether in employment or in partnership. Women's Opportunity World also publishes a free online newsletter that speaks to every woman, whether she is a single mom, grandmother, career woman or stay-at-home mother.

"We know you have your very own success story to tell, and we can't wait to hear it," says Jones. "Be part of a community that cares about women and what's best for them and their family, a community that is committed to make a difference in women's lives."


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