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Orange, CA (PRWEB) January 11, 2011

In 2011, losing weight is the top New Years’ Resolutions around the country. Last year, tens of thousands of individuals who visited a Max Muscle Sports Nutrition store did not resolve to lose weight this year because they’ve lost weight and kept it off. Business at Max Muscle Sports Nutrition replied in kind as same store sales averages increased 36% - despite the nationwide recession.

“We’re not about Fad Diets, we’re about educating people on how to eat properly and supplementing their diet to fit their lifestyle.” said Sean Greene, Max Muscle Sports Nutrition President since 1991. “By integrating social networking into this process, anybody anywhere can go online and see how this is done, surround themselves with people achieving the same goals, and living a lifestyle free of excess weight and the problems that come with it…physically and socially.”

myMaxMuscle, the pioneering online social community now numbering nearly 10,000 people, is where customers of Max Muscle Sports Nutrition congregate online to post updates on weight, recipes, motivate each other to ‘eat clean’, and share experiences in their body transformation. This same online community, along with more than 150 Max Muscle Sports Nutrition store owners from across the country will vote online this summer to pick the new MaxForm Champion and its $ 25,000 Grand Prize.

"Consumers look closely at advertisers’ claims and the promises they declare. Today, consumers are demanding a real and natural solution to their weight issues. Max Muscle Sports Nutrition delivers an individual customized plan for their body, weight, and lifestyle to reach their goals while supporting them throughout that journey." added Greene.

Twenty-one year old Maria Adelus of Los Gatos, California is the MaxForm 2010 Champion, taking the crown from the 2009 Champion Forty-year old Toni Warrick of South Carolina.

Said Greene, "Maria was a constant competitor from the day she started her MaxFormation on January 4th of 2010. She not only presented a final and stunning 'Before & After' photographs, weight loss & muscle gains measurements, but her use of our online community myMaxMuscle was a detailed six-month journey of nearly 200 articles journaling her feelings, diet, workout routine, Max Muscle stacks, personal life, and antidotes that gave us all the feeling we were ‘MaxForming’ with her from start to finish."

According to Maria, her transformation relied on her friends, her family, and the legions of people across the country who she meticulously was journaling to nearly every day online.

"This kind of weight loss cannot be done alone. And I have a large debt due to so many. I slowly began to be convinced of the truth that they were speaking. A Max Muscle Sports Nutrition 'Certified Fitness Nutrition Coach' laid the basic foundation of eating right for me and recommended several vital Max Muscle supplements that would assist me in my goals.” said Maria. “The simplicity of a healthy lifestyle began to unravel before my eyes. Just a lean protein and a complex carbohydrate every two to three hours! Sure there was a lot of planning and commitment that took place, but in a fundamentally simple concept that was taught to me by, and mentored by my Certified Fitness Nutrition Coach at Max Muscle."

"The online MaxFormation community where I blogged my daily feelings, intake of food and excellent Max Muscle supplementation kept me accountable to my goals." added Adelus. “I got my life back thanks to Max Muscle Sports Nutrition.”

Added Greene, "Education, and a plan to carry out that education are key. At Max Muscle Sports Nutrition we educate you on what your body needs, then we're happy to provide the supplementation you need to achieve those goals and support you along the way.”

Max Muscle Sports Nutrition a leader in the sports nutrition industry since 1991 and is committed to improving the health of people from all walks of life. Team members – Certified Fitness Nutrition Coaches™ - are extremely knowledgeable and take the time with each client to pinpoint their health and fitness goals in order to find the best program, products and supplements for them to achieve those goals. Whether the goal is to lose weight, gain weight or dedicating oneself to a healthier lifestyle- Max Muscle Sports Nutrition is one business that is growing by helping others reduce… online at http://www.MaxMuscle.com. Franchise opportunities available at http://www.MaxMuscleFranchise.com The myMaxMuscle online community is at http://www.myMaxMuscle.com

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