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Why Entrepreneurs Make Poor Business Decisions

London, UK (PRWEB) July 15, 2008

According to small business strategy expert Andrew Horder, there are two big reasons why entrepreneurs fail to get the most from their business opportunities.

Andrew's experience over many years has led him conclude that there are two opposite reasons why small business decisions often don't work out as well as they should.

We see many businesses that aren't living up to their full potential because the entrepreneur running them just isn't enthused by what they're doing. So what should be a superb business is only managing mediocre performance, because the owner hasn't got the motivation to go the extra mile when things get a bit tough - as they will.

On the other hand, we've all seen entrepreneurs who are totally passionate about what they do - they live, breathe, eat and sleep their business - but who eventually crash and burn because they haven't taken account of the practicalities.

Andrew's conclusion is that all business decisions need to be assessed on two dimensions: how attractive is the opportunity, and how viable is it - for the individual entrepreneur. Or to put it another way: "How much do I want to do this?" and "Will I make any money at it?"

Using a series of interviews and a simple analysis technique Andrew helps entrepreneurs to assess their opportunities in both of those areas, because he has found that it's only when both of these questions are answered satisfactorily that opportunities will generate the right kind of results.

Andrew Horder has been advising entrepreneurs and small businesses on their strategy since 2003, when he left his previous career in Key Account Management at a large corporate. He uses an analysis tool - Opportunity Matrix? - that he has created based on a Key Account Management strategy tool developed at Cranfield Business School in the 1990's.

Andrew is available for interview or further comment about how to help entrepreneurs to select the right opportunity, and can also speak about how to analyse opportunities, multiple criteria decision analysis, key accounts strategy and small business strategy.

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