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What's Your Motivation?

What's Your Motivation?

Post by David B. Bohl

It's turn out to be a joke to wonder "what's my motivation?" like an actor, when we have some thing in front of us to do and just can't appear to get it completed. We might complain that we just can't get motivated to do some thing.

What we generally mean by this is just that we don't want to do it correct then, or perhaps it all.

Motivation is not just "wanting" to do some thing.

In truth, motivation is the force behind performing something, such as the desire, the want, the energy, and the actual doing of it.

Interviewers often ask job applicants about their motivation, no matter whether they are self-motivated or "self-starters." The correct answer, of course, is yes.

In truth, no 1 is motivated by just one factor, and what motivates us at 1 time may possibly not be quite motivating at all at an additional time.

For example, if you're taking a course in calculus, you may possibly be motivated to study for my test by the reality that you require to get an A on that test in order to insure an A in the class. However, if you are taking a class in a subject you are more confident in, say contemporary events, you may possibly find it challenging to study for a test due to the fact you know that you have produced As on every test so far, and that you do not have to do as properly on this test.

Usually in our jobs we believe we're motivated to function by the funds we make, but typically we could make just as a lot, or a lot more, at another job.

What motivates us at function may possibly really be a love of our work, or a need to please our boss, or a desire to finish this project so we can move on to one thing we get pleasure from much more.

Simply because motivations vary so a lot, it is at times challenging to really feel motivated to do some thing, whether or not that is to complete a project at function or attend a loved ones function like a wedding or anniversary party.

The cause it's hard to come across our motivation in these situations is that we don't want to do whatever it is, and we do not have a strong sense that we will get something positive out of it or suffer consequences for not performing it, that we really feel "motivated."

Relying on a "feeling" of motivation in order to do what's in front of us to do is not the very best way to take care of our obligations.

Becoming a responsible adult often indicates performing things we don't want to do or do not really feel motivated to do, or obtaining a reasonable option to doing them now by postponing or changing our plans.

To see how motivation works in your own life:

* Write down your motivation for each action as you take it

* When you don't feel motivated to do some thing, feel about what you are motivated to do

* Examine what makes you want to do or not do points over the course of the subsequent week

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