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What to Look for in an Inspirational Speaker

You’ve been told to hire an Inspirational Speaker for your corporate event, so how are they different from any other speaker? “We need an Inspirational Speaker.” That’s what you’ve been told, but what does that mean? Well, the first thing to remember is that keynote speakers and motivational speakers better damn well be inspiring. That’s why they are hired by organizations, businesses, and clubs. These organizations are looking for someone, who will inspire their employees, associates, and corporate team to be motivated to greater heights. Keynote speakers and motivational speakers are usually characterized by their energetic message which moves their listeners to take action. An inspirational speaker, however, has a slightly different approach.

The focus of most inspirational speakers is to share their personal story or message, in a heartfelt way which reduces the audience to tears, or uncontrollable laughter. The theme of most inspirational speakers is how they triumphed over some great obstacle in their life, which causes them to be better, stronger people today. The idea is that by listening to their ‘story,’ the listeners will feel admiration for the speaker. The inspirational speaker concludes by cheering on the audience to overcome obstacles in their own lives. Although some of the stories can be quite tragic (cancer, bankruptcy, death of a child, rape, drugs, etc.), the audience usually walks away from an inspirational speaker’s presentation with feelings of optimism and hope.

So what are the secrets of a great inspirational speaker? The story of their obstacle cannot be their whole story, or even the major part of their presentation. A true inspirational speaker will focus on how they have coped, grown, learned, and excelled since their tragedy, and in spite of, their tragedy. When an inspirational speaker chooses to focus on the positive achievements they have accomplished as a result of their tragedy, they can be highly effective in motivating their listeners.