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What is Motivation: Understanding Your Drive

What is Motivation: Understanding Your Drive

Post by Ray Kelly

What precisely is motivation? Is it will power? Are we motivated to accomplish goals by others inspiring us to do so? What is it that keeps us going day soon after day with out giving up?

Motivation is in psychological terms that which is causes behavior. In other words, motivation is the reason or factors behind a specific action. Motivation can be based upon simple needs. If we are hungry then we seek out some thing to eat. Hunger is the motivating factor. Motivation can also be based on higher desire. When you finish a meal, you might want a piece of cake. You did not need to have the cake, but you were motivated to get it because it is your preferred kind of cake. Motivation can also be rooted in higher concept. These kinds of motivations are located in our beliefs and morals. An example is that you wanted to assist at a food kitchen because you had been motivated to support the poor and less fortunate.

Motivation is governed mainly by reward, a reward getting a positive acknowledgment for a given behavior or behavior set. It is the carrot prior to the mule. You dangle a carrot in front a mule in order to get them to move. There are carrots everyday in your life that are you motivators to obtain particular tasks with the hope of getting the carrot, or reward in the finish. Rewards themselves can be either intrinsic or extrinsic. In intrinsic reward can be as easy as self-satisfaction or a feeling of accomplishment. An extrinsic reward can be anything from food to dollars to adore.

Intrinsic and extrinsic rewards can be a lot more or less motivational depending on the person or particular scenario. Some men and women work as volunteers because there is an intrinsic motivation to help without having a material reward. Some folks need to have an extrinsic reward of getting paid to function and that praise is not sufficient to maintain them involved or motivated. Every person is different. Basic needs have a higher motivational energy more than our actions than motivation based upon your morale code. Suppose you were starving to death on the street. You might not feel it is appropriate to steal but your want to eat may well alter the priority of motivating factors.

Some folks are strongly motivated by higher ideas. Men and women that may possibly go on a hunger strike simply because they think in a cause could overcome their natural need for food in order to make a morale point. Men and women that have a high sense of religious purpose and motivation often are motivated simply because of their belief in a higher power. The act based upon a couple of powerful motivational elements. 1) They seek to please this greater power and two) They do not wish to offend the greater energy. Whether or not one's higher concept has truth value, the rationale behind the motivation is logical.

Motivation, as related to the self-help movement at least, is mainly of the sort based on higher desire. People want certain points and hence they seek to build a rational basis for that desire as an edifice for the pursuit thereof. Such a motivational base will be profitable in as a lot as the reward consists of both intrinsic and extrinsic components.

There is the motivation of desire to take into account as nicely. This is in in between morale conviction and the necessities of life. These are things that we do not necessarily want, but really want. Desire can be as potent a motivation as anything else can. It can be the driving force in a person's life. They might even ignore higher ideas and necessities to achieve these goals. A individual may want a specific car, a particular physique, a specific home a certain job. These are not required points but they can drive a person until they obtain them. The advertising industry is built upon this motivational idea.

In the final analysis, a person requirements to appear at what motivates them. They want to determine what is a necessity, what is a desire, and what is an perfect that by which they are trying to live. These motivations can be in conflict with one yet another. In order for a person to be genuinely pleased they ought to balance every of these motivational variables. Every single person must make a decision what truly matters and what can be left behind. Once these goals are sorted out, motivation can simply aid us on our way to what we desire in our life.