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What Happens When a Motivator Needs Motivation?

What Happens When a Motivator Wants Motivation?

When it comes to organization concerns, I can blurt out fantastic and profitable answers. When it comes to individual and business finance, individuals come to me for assistance. When it comes to motivation, I am the person men and women lean on and listen to. But what occurs when I need motivation and I am the motivator. Who do I turn to?

 I surely cannot go to the very very same individuals who get assistance from me to ask for theirs. I do not know if this is a issue or not but I shoot high for motivation and the folks I look up to and mimic good results and motivate me are the Oprah's of the globe. Unfortunately, these are men and women I just cannot pick up the phone and call. Sure I could pay a person to help me by means of this approach but I know that I have it in me to function it out on my own.
Over the past few months I have been in a cloud of....uncertainty. I have been listening to my customers lean on me about their finances and individual lives.

. I have had some customers default on their premium payments which directly affects my pay. I have been listening to buddies ask for suggestions and I think I am just tired and frustrated. But how dare I get tired and frustrated. How dare I get negative thoughts in my head about the economy recovering? I am a monetary advisor and this is my trade. It is an art to do what I do. I can't let any person down.
So what does the motivator do? Since I am talking about me, I can tell you what this motivator did. I do not like telling every person what I am performing and how I am going to fix it. I am the kind of person that just does it and asks questions later if there are even any concerns. Yes, I have a couple of business people I could speak to but they are just about on my level. That scenario just is not going to function.  Since I am not a complainer, I just stepped back and refocus on what it is that I want and need in life. I literally had to just sit and feel in a quiet room. I recreated my scenario like it was an individual else's situation so I could evaluate and give direction. (Even although the direction is me). This is what I located out.

I located out that:

The goals on my goal list had been already accomplished and I want to start off a new aim list. The men and women I had been surrounding myself with for the past 2 months had been not helping me mentally or emotionally. I required to be nonetheless and listen. What I need to have and want was already around me, I just necessary to shut up, look, and listen.

So, this is what a motivator does when they need motivation. They listen to themselves and get back on the wagon and make things occur as I am performing now. These are the items I told myself as I had to step out and refocus and move on forward to the subsequent level. Sometimes as entrepreneurs we are moving so quickly and if we just slow down we will see that we are going down a path with no direction. An important move is to usually surround oneself with positive people. If I am in a room with people who are on my level then I need to have to get out and discover one more room with individuals who I can discover a wonderful deal from. Constantly revamp your goals and just listen the answers are correct in front of your face. What a lesson learn...and guess what, I taught myself...Priceless!