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What DOES a motivational speaker do?

What DOES a motivational speaker do?

To most observers, the transformation that a motivational speaker can impact on a individual appears like an apotheosis -- something divine, unaccomplishable by mere mortals.  Top executives of significant corporations believe of a motivational speaker as able to read individuals and coax or cajole them to carry out much better in their chosen fields -- and thereby boost the effectiveness of their organization as a complete -- but no one seems to be able to pin down how this adjust occurs.

An effective leadership speaker will cause individuals who listen to speak in terms of 'waking up', or the speaker having 'reached into my soul', and inspire the speakers to 'put their all' into their endeavors.  Such a consultant will put forth workshops and presentations that adjust those who expertise them on a profound mental and emotional level.  

When an assignment is completed efficiently, efficiently, and profitably, it is since the motivational factors behind that assignment have been correctly evoked.  This can and does occur by accident or coincidence, but it is the job of the specialist motivator to make sure that it can occur on demand.  

Quite usually, a company's managers generate a negative emotional atmosphere within their workplace for reasons that differ from private failures to a perceived prejudice on the part of their superiors.  These negative vibes produce a motivational vacuum that is all but invisible to upper management, but can ruin a company's effectiveness.  The motivational consultant's job is to overcome these unknown emotional hurdles and accomplish an upbeat atmosphere capable of efficient work.  

The motivational speaker is not teaching his listeners anything that they do not already know.  Rather, his goal is to 'retune' his audience to be more attentive to their latent talents and ingrained abilities.  By providing a variety of techniques to develop and measure one's inner spirit, and therefore improve one's overall level of motivation, a leadership speaker can inspire a individual to view -- and tackle -- his issues from a distinct perspective.  

The most powerful motivational speakers are able to get an audience of thousands to stop focusing on their problems and commence focusing on their opportunities to see the nadirs of their lives as the prequels to the zeniths which will follow.  This causes the audience to view 'tomorrow' as a source of hope and good results rather than dismay and drudgery.   

Such leaders never trivialize or deny the difficulties facing their audiences, but re-frame them as prospects for positive change.   By generating this alter in the minds of the audience, the motivational speaker modifications very little in the listeners -- but he creates the capacity in every single individual for that individual to change himself...and therein lies the accurate miracle.

John Hersey is a productive business owner, published author and motivational leadership speaker. John writes one of the most recognized leadership blogs in the company world: http://www.JohnHersey.com/weblog

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