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Vijay Eswaran - Renowned speaker

Vijay Eswaran - Renowned speaker

Article by Sania Gomes

Vijay Eswaran , Executive Chairman, QI Group of Firms is a effective entrepreneur, who has founded a multimillion dollar global conglomerate.

The QI group, co-founded by Mr.Eswaran in 1998 is an e-commerce based conglomerate with organizations that is diversified into diverse sectors like the retail, travel and leisure, telecommunications, watches and luxury goods, wellness, training and education, technologies and corporate investments.

It is his dedication and challenging work that has created Qnet became a massive firm, which is spread in several diverse countries. MLM company has given opportunities to many individuals to be independent, and unemployment has also reduced because of this opportunity that men and women have. It has creating countries have a far better standing by decreasing unemployment and helping to improve regular of living. Vijay Eswaran has usually helped individuals to grow along with his company's growth. He has arranged for special training session to encourage the IRS, as to how they can perform better. The training session has live example of individuals who have managed to function difficult and carry out greater in the MLM enterprise.

When men and women share their own difficult comings and experiences it provides other people a likelihood to recognize from other errors and be cautious when equivalent circumstances appear. So live example sharing is 1 of the strong component of learning through the training sessions provided by Qnet. TheV group takes care of the whole training session.

Vijay Eswaran is a multitalented man, as he is not only a successful entrepreneur but a renowned speaker, and writer too. He has conducted lectures about the world on a selection of subjects ranging from spirituality to company. He has spoken at leading universities, management and company leadership forums. Some key highlights have been as a speaker at the Commonwealth Organization Forum of the CHOGM 2007 and 2009 in Uganda and Trinidad & Tobago respectively, a panelist at the 6th Pravasi Bharatiya Divas, the global Indian Diaspora meet in Jan 2008, at the invitation of the government of India and a panelist at the Globe Financial Forum's East Asia Summit in Vietnam.

His book "In the Sphere of Silence" is based on the core of the philosophy he lives his life by. His second book, "In The Thinking Zone" is a collection of his thoughts and reflections through a series of quotations which is especially aimed to aid readers adopt a healthy attitude in dealing with day-nowadays situations.Such a fantastic man with down to earth actions and humbleness is Vijay Eswaran .