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Veteran's Day, A Time For Reflection

Dallas, TX (PRWEB) November 11, 2011

The Children?s War: Germany 1939-1949 (Brown Books Publishing Group) by Peter Bodo Gawenda, Dean of the College of Applied Technology and Common Studies for The University of Texas and Texas Southmost College in Brownsville, TX, takes a riveting appear inside World War II by way of the eyes of a kid. Based on his own real-life experiences, Gawenda, dramatically recreates his family?s flight from the Russian conquerors in Oberglogau, Poland (now Upper Silesia) to Austria, a journey achieved mostly by foot.

Richly detailed, Gawenda?s compelling memoir about his childhood in Nazi Germany fills a niche largely overlooked by other accounts of that dark period. The Young children?s War is an unforgettable chronicle of how ingenuity and courage enabled a household to survive in unthinkable circumstances.

Separated from their soldier father, who had disappeared on the Russian front, the Gawenda household watched with horror as the revenge-bent Red Army smashed Germany?s collapsing defenses. Gawenda recounts how his mother, Gertrude, gathered her young young children and fled on a perilous wintertime journey.

?The most challenging component of telling the young children?s tale is to stay away from introducing interpretations of the grown-ups, to remember what the child felt, how the child perceived, and how the kid reacted, ?mentioned Gawenda. ?As young children, we created it our mission to be cautious and suspicious. We also believed that we had to make it our job to help our families survive, to escape death and destruction - that?s how it became our war, the Young children?s War.?

An uplifting reading encounter, The Young children?s War is a tribute to the adults who protected and nurtured youth in the course of WWII, particularly the Gawenda parents, grandparents, and those who gave them refuge. The strength of those loved ones ties carried them by way of the War and shaped Gawenda?s childhood perspective. Whilst the family members journey lasted only eight month, its lasting impact remains to this day.

Peter Gawenda resides in Brownsville, Texas exactly where he is Dean of the College of Applied Technologies and General Studies for The University of Texas at Brownsville and Texas Southmost College.

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The Accurate Story of Peter Bodo Gawenda

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