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United States Congress New Jersey 9th Congressional District First Public Forum

Englewood Cliffs, NJ (PRWEB) March 30, 2010

Republican Ninth Congressional District Candidate John Aslanian won by an overwhelming margin more than his Primary election opponent at a straw poll conducted at their first public occasion at the Convention.

After speaking at the conference, Aslanian scored a 59-6 victory over Republican Candidate Michael Agosta in the straw poll.

Aslanian stated he was encouraged and appreciative that such a very motivated and educated group recognized him as the clear selection to turn into the GOP nominee to take on liberal Democrat Rep. Steve Rothman (D-9th District, NJ)

"I believe the conservative base of the Republican Party as well as Independents and even conservative democrats want a candidate who can articulate the opposition to the Obama-Rothman wellness care atrocity and address the financial concerns that are of a deep concern to so a lot of middle class families." mentioned Aslanian.

In his speech just before the hundreds in attendance in Saddle Brook, Aslanian stated. "In one fell swoop last week, President Obama and Congressman Steve Rothman passed legislation that sucks a trillion dollars out of the economy and creates 200 new bureaucracies to deliver health care. We don't need to have a lot more bureaucrats -- we need to place cost-free marketplace forces to perform and have the courage to take on tort reform as nicely."

Aslanian, a businessman, stated the fight in American proper now is a battle in between those like Rothman, who want Socialism and those who will stand up and fight for capitalism.

"I am frightened for our future when I observe this great nation being transformed before my quite eyes into some sort of Socialist, income redistribution nightmare state.

He relayed to the crowd the story of his "father who started a printing business with $ 5,000 dollars borrowed off of my grandmother's life insurance policy which eventually turned into a $ 30 million dollar a year company and HE DID IT in spite of onerous government regulations and Without having A GOVERNMENT BAILOUT."

Aslanian stated he has 35 years of enterprise experience to bring to voters, and a marketing background to help him deliver his message of lower taxes and financial rebuilding to the people of the Ninth District. And, he noted, he can raise the funds to deliver that message to the all critical independent voters who make up the larges block of voters in the district.

"I have the passion I have the capability to take the fight to Steve Rothman. All I need is the backing of the individuals in the Republican Party and the independents who actually want a chance to win in November to come out and vote in the Republican Primary on June 8th," said Aslanian

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