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Two Catalysts for Sparking Motivational Success in Your Team

In order to have a success business, you’ve got to ignite a motivational spark in your team. We’ve all seen the motivational spark drain out of our employees. If this is your reality, what can you do to motivate your team so that it doesn’t kill your business? While business leaders respond with the flip response, “there is no ‘I’ in team,” there are actually 2 ‘I’s’ in team which are catalysts for sparking motivational success into your team. Incentives and Inspiration.

Catalyst 1: Motivational incentives.

Human beings have a competitive nature. You’ve heard the expression, ‘keeping up with the Joneses’? This is never more apparent than in a business setting. We want the raise, the corner office with a view, the public recognition. We want to win!

As a business leader and visionary, you can spark your team’s motivational level by offering incentives. All business environments are different and they have a certain level of sophistication. The key is tapping into motivational incentives which appeal to the inner desires of your team. For example:

  • Appreciation: Sometimes all it takes is recognition. A certificate or plaque which states the contribution your employee made to the team will ignite a motivational spark. The appreciation must come from you personally, in a way which the other team members envy.
  • Money: Other times a motivational spark is lit with monetary awards. Some people respond to a bonus, commission, or gift cards.
  • Perks: Realize that when employees are surveyed, most report they would rather have time off than a raise. It may be that you offer flex time, long weekends, spa treatments, golf outings, or catered lunches. Let your imagination guide you.

Catalyst 2: Motivational speakers.

While the use of incentives is an effective motivational tool for your team, inspiring your team to ‘be all that they can be’ is achieved through the use of a motivational speaker, or a motivational business coach. These individuals have slightly different goals, so let me elaborate.

  • A motivational speaker is a professional, whose primary skill is to inspire your team to achieve greatness. A motivational speaker communicates your company strategies with clarity so your team is sparked with a renewed vision and desire to work together to accomplish tasks and projects.
  • A motivational business coach gets down in the trenches with your team and provides corporate tools for carrying out more specific corporate tasks. The coach assesses the work preferences and styles of the team. The coach also uses techniques to motivate the team to achieve the desired results. The main focus of a motivational business coach is team brainstorming, goal setting and enumerating action steps.

My most rewarding work is done with corporate teams to maximize their potential and to motivate them to do their best work. If your team is in a slump, or has lost its competitive edge, give me a ring at 1-888-SPEAKER. I will ignite your team.