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Truth in Social Media Analytics: Polygraph Media Launches in Private Beta at Defrag 2011

Broomfield, Colo. (PRWEB) November 09, 2011

Polygraph Media, a new analytics platform that helps firms much better understand and manage their social media assets and activity, launched in private beta right now at Defrag 2011. Polygraph supplies actionable engagement analytics for organizations measured across each their own social media properties, and their competitors.

Social media activity has grown to such levels that it is tough for either big brands to know specifically what they?re performing and how they?re carrying out across assets, or for smaller agencies and companies to afford quality analytics reports. Polygraph Media provides users a set of tools to manage and analyze the effectiveness of their social media properties and those of their competitors.

At the Defrag Conference on November 9th and 10th, Polygraph will unveil the private beta launch of their new on-demand, single-serve snapshot reports for firms, an reasonably priced analysis of how a company?s social media assets, or those of a competitor, are performing.

Polygraph mines deeper engagement data than other analytics services, and leverages a cross-platform functionality that will integrate across Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter to give an accurate picture of how properly organizations use social media. Like a credit report, Polygraph reports give a just-the-details account that can then be leveraged to diagnose where a company?s social media pain points are and produce an actionable plan accordingly.

?Social media data is a giant black hole for brands. Data is routinely ignored. Executives and marketers have wildly distinct views about what the data represents, and how to measure success. Consultants typically add to the confusion,? mentioned Chris Treadaway, Polygraph Media founder and CEO, and author of the book Facebook Advertising and marketing An Hour a Day. ?With Polygraph, we want to give users with the clear understanding that only data can offer. We want to help organizations genuinely know themselves and how they are performing, and what has been successful or not for their competitors. No one has put this type of info into easy, easily understood reports, and that?s what we?re doing.?

Polygraph looks within a social media property at immediate audience, extended network size, key demographics, for number of likes, followers, friends, trending topics, top keywords, comment numbers, @replies and total view counts. The data is segmented by account, time, or in custom methods that the user defines on the fly.

In private beta, Polygraph will launch with a straightforward and reasonably priced tiered pricing structure for each single reports and subscriptions. Single reports commence as low as $ 99.

The tools and reports are designed to assist large organizations answer the following questions: