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Tritton ax Pro Review

Tritton ax Pro Review

Right now I get to evaluation the gaming headset of my selection, the Tritton ax Pros. I keep in mind when I very first heard of surround sound headsets, it was very new to me and I began to do some study.  I wanted a headset that delivered good quality surround sound at a reasonable price, so I began attempting all the different brands to test for myself. I produced a checklist of what I wanted: high quality surround sound, the capacity to use with a PC, wired in for no batteries and optimal sound top quality, and cost friendly. I looked seriously into Turtle Beach, but I located that they simply lacked all the qualities I was searching for. I then heard about the Tritton AX Pros, they met my qualifications, and I purchased a pair. I fell in really like.

Tritton when primarily focused their headsets for the PC, including a headset known as the PC pro (be careful not to get the AX Pros and PC pros confused like I did at 1st). They then decided to step it up and go into console gaming audio, and released their AX 360s. The AX 360 was a decent headset, but Tritton knew there was much space for improvement and later released the Tritton AX Pros.

The Tritton AX Pro stands out from other headset competitors for a lot of causes. The biggest feature that enables them to stand out is their 5.1 accurate Dolby Digital surround sound. The AX Pros have four speakers professionally positioned in every single cup that offer for a 100% authentic surround sound. Each other headset out there uses emulated surround sound, which is just 1 large speaker in every single cup that attempts to create fake surround sound. Another great function of the ax Pros is the truth that it is wired in to the Xbox. Even though some like to go wire-totally free to shed the hassle of keeping up with all the wires, getting something wired in provides improvement to high quality. Becoming wired in loses that split-second delay that you get when employing wireless headsets, as nicely as losing the discomfort of keeping up with batteries non-quit and therefore saving income. The sound quality of the ax Pros is unmatched, even to the Turtle Beach X41. The headset comes with the decoder box, which can be utilized to adjust delay and numerous other things, and a remote. The remote is conveniently placed within hands reach with the headset on, and gives the user several capabilities, such as adjusting the volume of the entire headset, adjusting the volume of each and every of the four speaker individually (front, rear, center, and sub woofers), mute the headset, disable and enable the capacity to speak in online games, and adjust the chat volume of the other folks in the game.

In spite of all these positives, there are a couple of negatives to these Trittons. If you are a wireless person then 1 apparent con to this headset is that it is wired, which means there are a lot of loose cables lying about, and I personally have tripped more than them before and ripped the wires out of their ports. Also the reality that it has to use two power outlets to work can be quite a nuisance if you don’t have numerous outlets near your Xbox. Yet another problem is that it is made out of all low cost plastic. Not that the look is a huge deal, but the truth that the plastic is low-cost it does come apart easily. I know parts of the plastic at the leading of my Trittons have began to come undone in some places (though they are 2 years old). For the Xbox users, the wire that connects from the remote to the controller has gotten messed up for a couple of users, which includes myself. When this happens, you have to twist the wires a certain way, or else your microphone will either emit a horrible annoying noise all the time or it will say it is not plugged in. On the topic of the microphone, this 1 is not quite flexible, so it is difficult to adjust it to your face, and the only way to fix this difficulty is to obtain 1 of the separate flexible microphones Tritton now offers. A final issue is the setup. Despite the fact that the AX Pros have unmatched sound top quality, it comes at the sacrifice of a mildly tough setup (which comes with each headset to some extent) and wires- wires everywhere. The unpacking of the ax Pros can be confusing since there are so a lot of wires and plugs and vague directions. The AX Pros have to use two power outlets, one for the decoder box and 1 for the headsets. It is specifically complex for Xbox players, since you have to plug in much more wires, and if you are employing an HDMI cable rather of the cables, you have to obtain an AV dongle at your neighborhood Gamestop or EB Games (only about utilized I think it was) so you can plug in the Optical Digital Cable. It is a lot simpler for the PS3 users though, since you just plug it into the USB drive. When you have it all setup, it will not actually want any other maintenance for the remainder of their use.

Overall, the Tritton AX Pros are a Fantastic item. In my book, the microphone is the primary dilemma, and personally sound high quality far outweighs the microphone in what I am looking for in a headset. If you want to have true surround sound  then appear no further than the Tritton AX Pros.