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Total Career Success -- Steve Howard on Boomer Selling: Helping the Wealthiest Generation Buy and Accelerate Economic Growth

Houston, TX (PRWEB) July 6, 2009

Steve Howard, nationally known speaker and writer, is founder of The ACT Group, Inc., a training and consulting firm. His new book, Boomer Selling, is a practical resource to help organizations understand the motivations and buying habits of this unique generation. "When the American economy recovers, it will be on the backs of Baby Boomers," said Steve Howard. Howard shows in Boomer Selling why:
?Baby Boomers are the engine that drives our economy
?Most companies are wasting money going after the wrong customers
?Customization is critical when selling to boomers
?80% of Boomers are willing to pay for premium products

While much emphasis has been placed on generations X and Y and the Millennial in our society, Howard points out the incredible buying power and influence of this record setting generation. Consumer spending is the backbone of our economy, so the best thing any business in America could do right now is to learn how to sell to Boomers. It's not only good business, it is good for the economy!

Show co-host Sheryl Dawson shared, "Steve Howard has his finger on the pulse of the Boomer generation. His analysis of their purchasing motivations and styles are right on target - I know, because I am one of them!"

Co-host Ken Dawson added, "You may be asking what boomer selling has to do with careers. As Steve points out, consumer spending represents two thirds of the economy and Boomers have 70% of the country's wealth. Those statistics are proof that a great reservoir of economic buying power is waiting to be tapped. When it flows into the economy, job and career opportunities will be enhanced as well. Listen in for practical techniques to improve your company's sales strategies and win over a loyal customer base."

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Steve Howard, Consultant and Author

Steve Howard is a nationally known speaker and writer. He is founder of The ACT Group, Inc., a training and consulting firm based in Phoenix, Arizona. The unique perspective he brings to his readers, audiences and clients comes from his diverse background. His marketing and sales responsibilities have included distributing psychological warfare leaflets from a low flying airplane in Viet Nam, establishing a new statewide territory for a national service organization, and designing effective sales and marketing programs for his clients on limited budgets.

Steve Howard is the author of 50 Low Cost Ways to Acquire New Customers and Boomer Selling