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Top Ten Management on Ethical Leadership: An Overview of How To Be an Ethical Leader

Best Ten Management on Ethical Leadership: An Overview of How To Be an Ethical Leader


In our attempting times, getting ethical is extremely difficult and at times hard to decide.  This is why ethical leaders are needed now far more than ever.   In our ever changing world and diverse culture, ethics differ from individual to individual this is why an ethical leader is required, to set the example or normal everyone is to adhere to.  To be a leader, 1 need to have a lot of qualities this write-up describes ten crucial qualities an ethical leader ought to have.  The write-up helps mold, shape, and define an ethical leader with help from William Galston, who explains what qualities he considers most essential in an ethical leader.

The Thought in a Nutshell

An ethical leader holds oneself to a greater standard.  He/She is the moral example, the visible role model that every person else will be judged by.  The leader sets the workplace spirituality, which is focused on nourishing individual development. Expectations and company dealings are based on ethical leadership, which is the premise of all organization policies and actions. The ultimate objective of ethical leadership is to shape the hearts and minds of the future leaders of tomorrow, equipping them with the ethical know how to make it in an ever-altering world.

Ethical leaders are a major concern in the United States.  There are a lot of conferences, workshops, and meetings attempting to impart leadership and ethical choice-making.  One of such places is Old Macdonald’s Ethical Leadership Farm. John Amann began the Macdonald Farm a year ago the objective was to teach ethical leadership in our hectic world of technological advancement.  They teach how to deal with pear pressure, develop parallel interests, and turn into architects of the future. 

The Leading Ten Points You Need to have to Know About Ethical Leadership

1.            A leader should be ethical and honest.  He must by no means tell lies or hold back information. Leaders should follow laws and ethical organization procedures at all times.

two.            Leaders should be visible role models.  By doing this, others will be inspired to be ethical.  By inspiring other people, one gives purpose and meaning to the businesses desired vision.

three.            Communicate ethical expectations among employees on a consistent basis.  Repetition is the very best way to engrain in the employees suitable ethical procedures.

four.            Take responsibility for ones actions and subordinates actions.  Be willing to admit failure.  Only by admitting failure can an individual truly discover from their errors.

5.            Ethical leaders need to have to offer ethical training.   By laying out organizational or team core values, there is no mistake as to the standards and vision of the organization.  By offering training, it guarantees every person is on the exact same page.

6.            Visibly reward those that act ethically and punish those who act unethically.  Such unethical actions should be viewed as wrong and unacceptable.

7.            Everyone, specially leaders, should be accountable to ethical values and laws. Have check and balances of all departments to deter from unethical behavior.

8.            Encourage whistle blowers, employees that raise concerns on concerns, so firm integrity can be maintained.  Offer protective mechanisms so workers can talk about ethical dilemmas and report unethical behavior without fear of reprisal.

9.            Be ethical at all times even when there is peer pressure to do other wise.  Peer pressure drives several to make poor decisions, but one must do the correct factor even when his/her back is to the wall.

10.            A leader ought to have integrity. Integrity is merely the consistency of actions, values, and principles 1 claims to adhere too. 

The Video Lounge

William Galston on Ethical Leadership at Yeshiva University.


Bill Galston was deputy assistant of   domestic policy for Bill Clinton.  He tackles ethical leadership by touching on ethical realism, character, and ends with encouragement of ethical conduct by institutions.  The video is extremely interesting and educational.

My Take

Ethical Leadership is needed now much more than ever.  As the likes of Enron and the current BP fiasco makes its way into our history books, we need to take responsibility as a country to act ethically and police up those that have unethical practices. We require leader to stand up and yell  “stop” when corners are being cut.  I think we have produced progress when it comes to ethics in our organization life, but we have a lengthy way to go.  I feel managers and workers are cognizant of ethics, but again it comes down to enforcing the morals and ethics this country was founded on.  We are a proud nation, but our definition of right and wrong, our moral obligations have grow to be a little watered down more than the years.


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