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Top 4 Reasons You Need a Motivational Speaker for your Event

A motivational speaker can show your corporation the future in a positive light and inspire your team to pull together. Many people don’t know this about me. Although they know me as an entrepreneur and motivational speaker, they may not know that I love to watch the sport of crew. You go out to the lake, early in the morning when the fog has descended over the water. Sometimes you’ll see a family of ducks or geese in formation. Other times, you’re just out there in the peaceful calm.

And then, from out of nowhere comes a faint whooshing noise. It begins to take on a musical beat. You can count the whooshing and the silence, and the whooshing and the silence. As the sound approaches, and gets louder, sometimes, you can hear the lone voice of the crew captain, calling out the cadence, for the rowers. Not only is it a beautiful thing to hear the concert of the rowers working toward a common goal…it is a beautiful thing to watch…oars cutting through the water in perfect sync. Gliding through the water, in unison. Now that’s a team!

For me, it’s a perfect illustration of the benefits your corporate team will realize if you hire a motivational speaker for your event.

  • Your team may need a motivational speaker because it’s young and inexperienced, or they haven’t worked together for very long. To you, they appear like an inexperienced crew. Their oars are in the lake, in no particular manner of organization, slapping the water, and basically going nowhere.
  • Maybe your team needs a motivational speaker because the crew captain is barking out directions, but the team is disjointed, or not yet working in perfect symmetry because they have yet to share the captain’s vision.
  • Your team may need a motivational speaker because they have a new crew captain, who, while an experienced crew member, hasn’t quite gotten the hang of leading from the front, with his back in the opposite direction he is going.
  • Perhaps your team is full of seasoned pros, who have become tired and jaded, or burned out, or lethargic because their team hasn’t had any successful outings in awhile and they need inspiration.

All of these situations may be plaguing your team and preventing them from achieving at their highest level. One solution to this chronic problem is to hire a motivational speaker. A motivational speaker is an outside expert, who can motivate your team to succeed. A motivational speaker can stimulate, prompt, and encourage your team to work together and strive for greatness. A motivational speaker will show your team how to chart the course to ensure success and equip and enable them to finish the race in first place!

So what are you waiting for? You know what they say, “Last one in…is a rotten egg!” I’m just one call away at 1-888-SPEAKER. Let me motivate your team.