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Tips to Make More Money During This Recession - Reinvention Expert Eli Davidson on The Today Show, June 25, 2008

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) June 25, 2008

Eli Davidson, Author of "Funky to Fabulous," rolls onto The "Today Show" to unveil the hidden secrets of PLAY, helping Americans to overcome obstacles, and have more FUN. Americans can lower stress, make more money and have better relationships with her methods, with her one of kind turnaround techniques.

American's are asking "how do I make more money, lower my stress and have better relationships all at the same time?" Personal and professional reinvention expert Eli Davidson, answers that and more on the Today Show, with Hoda and Kathie Lee, June 25, 2008.

In 18 months, Eli Davidson lost her marriage, her business, and her health- leaving her with $ 88,000 of corporate debt and sleeping in someone's pool house?without any good shoes to show for it. Within four years she started a new business, regained her health, quadrupled her income, got out of debt, and was living in her own million-dollar home (without a rich boyfriend).

Using surefire strategies for success that take 15 minutes a day, Eli transformed herself from "funky" to "fabulous" - and now she is teaching others to do the same. Her insights and techniques come from a lifetime of having to turn difficult events around into opportunities for success.

Rising gas prices, food prices, global warming, and the foreclosure market have Americans in a funk. 86% of Americans see the Nation going in the wrong direction. Americans want to make more money! They feel there is no way out?until now! Davidson gives the viewers revolutionary turnaround techniques to change lives 15 minutes at a time. "Some of the most powerful ways to problem solve and lower stress has been ignored," says Davidson. Problem solving meets stress management meets improved relationships with the "Funky to Fabulous" methods. The brain has three components. When we are under stress our reptilian brain (the smartest part of the brain) slams on the brakes and goes into survival mode. In her book, she reminds readers "there is a lizard in your head?and you don't need to feed it! FEAR is actually False Expectations Appearing Real."

P-L-A-Y is a basic building block of learning and problem solving in the brain. Researchers have discovered that "P-L-A-Y-fullness" actually makes your brain more pliable and more receptive for new information. Because P-L-A-Y sparks inventiveness, it's a key component in innovation and personal and professional reinvention. P-L-A-Y is one of only three key functions that separate mammals' behavior from that of reptiles. In a person's first five years of human development they master motor skills and accomplish a large portion of their lifetime learning. The only way to handle such a steep learning curve is through P-L-A-Y and F-U-N. "PLAY is the most natural way to learn," says motivational speaker Davidson. It's your built in system for expanding past the apparent confines of a problem into something new.

Part NLP, part practical business executive coaching, and part spiritual psychology Davidson's coaching clients and motivational speaking clients consistently create remarkable results. When asked about the motivation about writing "Funky to Fabulous," Davidson said "Funky to Fabulous" offer readers' hands on tools on how to change your life 15 minutes at a time. Since I can't coach everyone, I wrote the book!" Turnaround techniques are simple fun easy actions that develop problem solving and help clients implement positive change. "I tripled my income within six months using techniques from Eli's coaching," said TV Producer/Creator Nicole Dunn, who produced an Emmy Nominated Show. Lauren Faye, owner of Rule 6 Communications in Denver, CO used "Funky to Fabulous" tools to go from a corporate job to owning her own business in five months.