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The Women's Global Leadership Conference 2010

The Women's Global Leadership Conference 2010

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Lucy Marcus - Founder and CEO of Marcus Venture Consulting Ltd and standard conference and keynote speaker - has been super busy of late getting just returned from the 2010 Global Women's Leadership Conference in Seoul, Korea. The conference brought together 500 female leaders from the worlds of politics, enterprise, culture and governments and according to the CEO of Hankook Illbo and co-sponsor of the event Jong Seoung Lee, "The 21st century is the century of girls."

Former US Secretary of State Dr. Condoleezza Rice presented one of the leading keynote speeches on "Tough leadership decision in tough times" and the discussions focused on growing levels of diversity in company and encouraging young women to break via the glass ceilings. Conferences and talks related to 'women and business' are ongoing and diversity has considerably improved, but there are nonetheless noticeable gaps at the leading of the tree in a lot of organisations. Women are still heavily under-represented in board rooms, not only in Asia but also across the globe.

As a result projects such as The Modern Muse have recently been launched with the aim of inspiring the next generation of up and coming businesswomen. The founders of the project Maxine Benson MBE and Karen Gill MBE felt there was a shortage of female role models in the UK "The UK is suffering from a female role model shortage, yet there are thousands of great girls in differing roles and industries, from diverse backgrounds and education who can demonstrate the range of exciting career choices out there."

Karen and Maxine decided to bring together 100 of the most inspiring females - such as motivational and keynote speaker Liz Jackson MBE who speaks on a range of topics such as company, Advertising and marketing &amp Branding and leadership. Liz - who took portion in Channel 4's The Secret Millionaire - set up her own telemarketing company 'Great Guns Marketing'despite losing her sight at a young age. With a little grant and loan from The Prince's Trust she went on to create a multi-million pound business employing nearly 130 staff at 7 branches and earning quite a few awards along the way including the 'UK Women Mean Business Award'.

All those who are working towards greater diversity hope that a lot more equal levels of representation will grow to be the regular rather than the exception. As Lucy says, "It is essential to recognize the essential roles that females have played in developing societies and economies. By highlighting this function, it begins to support countries, societies, and firms realize that this is not unusual, but rather really should be the norm.''

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