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The Watchman’s Rattle Named One of Best “Green” Books Of 2010

San Jose, CA (PRWEB) January 7, 2011

Media partner of ABC Television Group, GreenRightNow.com, has recognized The Watchman’s Rattle: Thinking Our Way Out of Extinction, by Rebecca D. Costa, as 1 of the very best “green” books of 2010.

Selections had been produced by Editor Barbara Kessler, and released by way of GreenRightNow.com, ABC Television Group affiliates and independent tv stations around the country.

“Ms. Costa's book fills a gap for readers of green literature,” said Kessler. “It takes a step back to examine the motivations, and behavioral failings, that contribute to our current stalemate on climate action, and other urgent concerns. Any critical student of sustainability will uncover significantly to contemplate as Costa details the ‘supermemes’ of more than-specialization, blaming and ‘extreme economics’ that sabotage progress. Following its own suggestions -- to seek clarity in complexity -- The Watchman's Rattle also avoids the dry, academic writing that so usually sabotages such books. It is wealthy in current and historical anecdotes, and makes fascinating, actual-world connections between our biology and our present predicaments.”

With thousands of green-related books published annually, Costa says that she is honored to be included in the short list of books selected by Kessler for recognition. “As a first time author, I can’t assume of a nicer compliment than to be singled out by GreenRightNow.com. This site is a favorite of mine since it disseminates constructive details about what every single of us can do to have a positive impact on the environment.”

Many accolades have been bestowed upon The Watchman’s Rattle, which includes positive evaluations in Library Journal, Inc. Magazine, CNN’s Larry King Live, The Huffington Post, and The New York Journal of Book Evaluations. It has also received endorsements by renowned believed leaders such as Dr. Edward O. Wilson, Sir Richard Branson, Senator Bill Bradley, Tina Brown, John Perkins and Temple Grandin. Trudie Styler, wife of musician Sting, avid environmentalist, and founder of the Rainforest Fund, praised the book as follows: “A salutary warning against inaction, lazy thinking and partisan politics, The Watchman’s Rattle ought to be compulsory reading for globe leaders at this crisis point in our existence.”

Foreign rights for the book have been secured by some of the largest international publishing houses, such as those in China, Korea, Brazil, the UK and Australia. Hollywood has also taken notice. Film rights for the book are presently getting discussed with producers who are interested in adapting the book into a full-length feature. In addition, release of The Watchman’s Rattle has led to the launch of Rattler Radio - a weekly talk show where Costa provides commentary on present events and interviews authorities from about the globe.

According to Costa, the radio plan, movie opportunity and recognition by net web sites such as GreenRightNow.com, have all conspired to propel The Watchman’s Rattle to the best one percent of sales on Amazon.com nowadays. “A lot of folks don’t have time to read. Some of my friends have their radio going all day. Others get their details exclusively from the web or tv. To stimulate widespread change – no matter whether it is the way we look at the atmosphere, terrorism or education – you have to hit all these venues,” she concludes.

The Watchman’s Rattle is a lead title by Vanguard Press, a member of the Perseus Books Group, and was released nationwide on October 12, 2010. It speaks to our ability to thrive in the complex globe we have developed. The book posits that the escalating complexity of our individual lives, technological capabilities, and governmental policies have led to conditions that have outpaced our capability to manage them. Costa provides an chance to manage increased complexity by revealing scientific evidence that the human brain can be retrained to comprehend, analyze, and resolve intricate difficulties.

Further info can be discovered at http://www.rebeccacosta.com, including critiques, articles, videos, archived Rattler Radio shows and upcoming appearances.

Rebecca D. Costa is a sociobiologist whose special expertise is to spot and explain emerging trends in relationship to human evolution, global markets, and new technologies. A popular speaker at thought-leader and technology conferences, as well as significant universities, she is the former CEO of Silicon Valley start-up Dazai Advertising, Inc., where her clients included such innovators as Apple Laptop or computer, Hewlett-Packard, Oracle Corporation, 3M, Amdahl, Siebel Systems and General Electric. She at the moment hosts a weekly talk radio show broadcast to the Central Coast region of California, and soon to other markets about the country.

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