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The Sun Beams Inspire and Teach Through Stories and Art

JASPER, Ind. (PRWEB) November 04, 2011

Written to inspire and pique young children?s interest, these stories share the wonderful magic of sunlight and its effects on men and women?s spirits and every day lives. The author, Karen Mack, wrote these episodes of The Magical Adventures of Sun Beams back in 1990 ? and these are given life by means of the vibrant characters and vividly colored illustrations of Russel Wayne. Despite the fact that the author passed away in 2005, she has undoubtedly left a beautiful legacy behind for her nephew and four nieces, parents, educators, and concerned citizens of the globe.

The glowing and beautiful colors of Sun Beams bring smiles to young children?s face as they follow them in their adventures. The household of light beams ? Father Beam, Mother Beam, Sky Blue, and Bubblegum Pink ? will take every person traveling, understanding, and discovering from their planet, Mirros, to the far away planet, Earth. These radiant characters have captivated the magic, the mystery, the whimsical fun, and the resounding love for the Sun. Life would have been so dull with out the colors painted in the sky and the Sun Beams will prove it as soon as once again through these brilliantly woven chapters. Featuring incredible illustrations and colorful images, The Magical Adventures of Sun Beams will revive one?s interest in loving, respecting, and preserving planet Earth.

Youngsters can follow the Sun Beams as they show exactly where they come from, where they live, how they emit colors, how they travel by way of light, how they value the Sun, how they program to support Earth, and more. Evenhumans have their own colors ? light bodies ? and it?s time everyone takes care of it and this planet. The Sun Beams impart valuable lessons on life, the environment, death, men and women, and much more. Bright light beams surround young children whatever season or time of day when they immerse themselves in The Magical Adventures of Sun Beams.

This book will be featured at this year?s California Library Book Exhibit in Pasadena, CA on November 11 to 14, 2011.

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About the Author
Karen Mack was born in Indiana in 1954. With her, she brought memories of other worlds in the vast universe. At the age of 18, she skilled a close to-death knowledge. Even though she has passed and crossed over in December of 2005, the adore she and her sister share lives on eternally. Her heartfelt expression was to bring humanity to the understanding that ?we are all 1 ? 1 globe, one planet, 1 individuals?.