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The Seed 2020 networking group offering casual workshop on search engine optimization

Louisville, KY (PRWEB) December 15, 2009

The Seed 2020, http://theseed2020.com, an initiative that began as a free meet-up focused exclusively on women- and minority-owned businesses, is announcing its second event in Louisville. Attendees are invited for a networking session and presentation on some basics techniques to improve business locations in Internet search engine results.

The event is set for 6 to 8 p.m., Wednesday, December 30, 2009, at The Bristol Prospect, 6051 Timber Ridge Drive, Prospect, KY 40059, on the outer east side of Louisville off the Watterson Expressway.

Speakers will explain ways business owners can improve web site standings in the search engines. It's called Search Engine Optimization, or SEO. "Visibility is one of the highest priorities for women- and minority-owned businesses," The Seed 2020 co-chair Constance Ard said. "People often use the Internet to find businesses locally. Knowing how to use SEO can really help."

Toni Steinhauer of Toni Steinhauer LLC, Jennifer Griffin of GoFetch Marketing, and Stephen Arnold of Arnold Information Technology will be presenters. Steinhauer's business specializes in building web sites that use databases to provide dynamic rather than static content on a site. Griffin's company gives consulting advice for business web sites. Arnold Information Technology and its staff specializes in Internet search techniques and products as well as consulting services. Businessman Shawn Livingston will talk about photos in context of SEO.

There is no cost for the content of the event, however, all attendees are responsible for their own food and drink. An 18% gratuity will be added. Call The Bristol Prospect at (502) 292-2585 for directions and restaurant information.

Space is limited, and attendees are encouraged to register for the event at http://www.theseed2020.com/event-registration.

The Seed 2020's first networking event for women and minority business owners held in Louisville on Nov. 4 was a great success. More than 70 people attended the free meet-up focused exclusively on women- and minority-owned businesses The purpose of the meet up was to make contacts, learn about companies, and advance President Barack Obama's vision for small business success, http://www.barackobama.com/pdf/SmallBusinessFINAL.pdf.

"I've been inspired tonight. I've met a lot of people," Carmel Stauffer of State Farm Insurance said. "Really, just the wide array of people, the various businesses they represented, and all of the different parts of Louisville that came together tonight to help grow each other's businesses, it was amazing. It was a networking event like I've never been to."

The event was strictly structured, with speakers giving short, concise presentations of five to seven minutes, and a two to three-minute networking buzz sessions after every presentation. Attendees were encouraged to leave their seats, mingle, and introduce themselves to someone new every time.

The Seed 2020 planning group hopes to present a series of events in the Louisville area in the future, co-chair Keisha Mabry said. "There is not enough of this type of active networking, and we want these events to be a way to make business happen and get ideas flowing among motivated individuals."

For more information:

Constance Ard - answermaven(at)gmail(dot)com
Keisha Mabry - keisha_mabry(at)gmail(dot)com