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The Qualities of a Great Inspirational Speaker for Small Business Audiences

There are three qualities which separate the good inspirational speakers from the great inspirational speakers. Historians remind us regularly of some of the great inspirational speakers who have delivered famous addresses throughout history. Think of inspirational speakers like Martin Luther King, Jr., John F. Kennedy, and Lee Iacocca. We quote them and cling to their words of inspiration decades after they have spoken. Why is that?

Regardless of the specific message, inspirational speakers share the same qualities when delivering an inspirational message.

Inspirational Speakers are great storytellers.

They have an ability to share their story in riveting, visual pictures which they paint with words. They deliver a message which conveys a concept, an idea, a plan, or a dream clearly and honestly. They tell it like it is, and draw you in emotionally.

Inspirational Speakers are passionate about their message.

They have a genuine love for their subject. They have fought the hard fight, they have dreamed the big dreams, and they have suffered through the storms of life and have come out safely on the other side. They are driven to share their life experiences with others in order to motivate and encourage them to do the ‘right thing,’ to overcome adversity, to succeed where they have failed, or to claim victory over enormous odds.

Inspirational Speakers are contagious visionaries.

They can see the future and the possibilities. They are our heroes, our fearless leaders, and our trailblazers. They are risk takers and our cheerleaders who see a future filled with possibilities, promise, and hope. Most importantly, great inspirational speakers are contagious. They get us fired up, ‘signed up,’ and willing to take action, regardless of the personal sacrifice and cost because they believe in their cause and they believe in us.

So what do great inspirational speakers offer a business audience? They offer stories, passion, and vision about the future of your business, your goals, and your dreams.