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The Oprah Opera House Prepares for Take Off

(PRWEB) December 15, 2010

Tourist operators the world over sell experiences largely on the premise of experiencing a landmark or live efficiency in their all-natural places. They do this with several challenges specifically in the past couple of years of poor economic climate, even so still people desire to get out of town or travel abroad. So, with practically infinite alternatives on where to go, how can you help direct and prioritise people's want to check out your theme park, your efficiency or your country?

Tourism Australia have hosted Oprah Winfrey and 300 odd unique guests in the past numerous days with phenomenal success and sunshine. Alternatively making use of augmented reality, the team at Discover Engage have identified one more way to excite a worldwide audience and for an example the Opera House and Sydney Harbour have been transported to Sydney Football Stadium. How do they do that?

The team from Discover Engage have looked at how the tourism market operators can entice guests with an encounter that is hard to transport, verbally convey and sell off a plain printed brochure. Working with the premise of the chinese proverb "Tell me and I'll forget show me and I may don't forget involve me and I'll understand", the extremely interactive encounter of augmented reality with a mobile device or head mounted wearable display allows you to feel immersed in a mixed reality knowledge nearly as although you are there.

As per the video you see in this story, high top quality 3D animation mixed with live camera view can enable the most incredible experiences not seen just before. Greater appreciation of web site visits or performances for education or entertainment motivations can now be accessed thanks to the function of Discover Engage. Not only can actual landmarks or performances be super-imposed on any atmosphere, magical unique effects enjoyed in movies can also be cleverly mixed in to provide an additional level of entertainment for Olympics, Superbowls and other significant events or basically to aid educate and entertain in our typical life activities.

Part of the beauty of augmented reality is that it can speak all languages. Not only can your encounter be a visual treat like in no way observed before, it can also be extremely personalised with interchangeable language choices enabling "floating" text tagged to items or landmark points of interest. You can now have far more opportunity to clarify directions, activities and connected merchandise to your guests or special audience no matter where they are from.

About Discover Engage:
Discover Engage is a 3D augmented reality specialist and leader across net, mobile and head mounted display. Based in Sydney, Australia and working with worldwide customers Discover Engage focusses on user expertise and innovation. Brands such as McDonalds, Kia, HSBC, Opera Australia and main national and international sporting codes amongst others have created world's 1st augmented reality applications with Discover Engage. The business works with clients directly and agencies to obtain reasonably priced, accessible and superior interactive experiences.

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Email: scott(at)exploreengage(dot)com
Cell: +61 429 661 814
Twitter: @exploreengage


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