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The Language of Exceptional Leadership - Words Matter

The Language of Exceptional Leadership - Words Matter

1 of my CEO executive coaching clients is taking into consideration reinventing his organization. He had a guest speaker who is an professional on reinvention come to speak to his folks about "performing the impossible". My client was extremely gracious in inviting me to the speak. The subject of reinvention fascinates me regardless of whether it is helping leaders reinvent themselves and/or their organizations. I was also interested to observe how my client's individuals received the speak.

My impression was that a number of the staff at the talk seemed bored to death. 1 individual's body language made me believe he was going to slip below the table! They just didn't' appear to be engaged in the subject. When asked if they had any questions...most seemed disinterested. I kept thinking what would appeal to their emotions rather than their intellect? Had been their stories that they could relate to that would inspire them? What would motivate them to engage in the method?

The Devil in the Particulars: Words Matter

Whilst it would be nice to picture that a logical, rational presentation of facts can't do any harm, particularly when dealing with a group of intelligent individuals, doing so sets you up for failure.

If you want folks to organize their thinking in new approaches and be receptive to new ideas, be wary of falling into the trap of hitting them with logic at the outset of any presentation that challenges their ideas.

The tiniest particulars can make or break communication:

• Option of words
• Patterns they form
• The order in which patterns are deployed

Productive leaders follow a distinctive, nearly hidden pattern:

• Grab the audience's attention
• Stimulate desire
• Reinforce with reasons

When language follows this sequence, it can inspire enduring enthusiasm for a cause and spark action.

Furthermore, productive leaders do not rely on a single communication.

As implementation proceeds, they reinforce communication and work with their individuals to co-create the future by continuing the conversation.

In addition to words, the language of leadership is most effective when you:

1. Can share intelligent stories and narratives
two. Display appropriate, congruent body language
three. Demonstrate an understanding of the audience's story and context

Are you operating in a business or law firm where leadership is able to grab people's attention by first stimulating desire then reinforcing the message with reasons? Does your organization or law firm present leadership coaching and leadership development to assist leadership communicate far more successfully? How leaders language their message is vital.

1 of the most potent concerns you can ask oneself is "Do I attempt to get individuals to change by telling compelling stories?" Emotionally intelligent and socially intelligent organizations supply executive coaching and leadership development for leaders who want to communicate more powerfully.

Operating with a seasoned executive coach trained in emotional intelligence and incorporating leadership assessments such as the Bar-On EQ-i and CPI 260 can assist you grow to be a a lot more successful at communicating adjust. You can turn into a leader who models emotional intelligence and social intelligence, and who inspires individuals to grow to be totally engaged with the vision and mission of your firm or law firm.

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