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"The Jesus Question" Dares Christians to Walk the Path of Peace

Pacific Grove, CA (PRWEB) November 25, 2008

As the Christmas holiday approaches, Christie Monson, author of the newly released book, "The Jesus Question: Daring to Walk the Path of Peace," is putting out a call to Christian families to return to the essence of their faith and follow in the footsteps of Jesus. Monson's intention is to rouse Christian men and women to make better choices concerning the raising of Christian children to become citizens of a more constructive and peaceful world.

States Monson, "'What Would Jesus Do?' (WWJD) is a very popular question that gets bandied about, yet many Christians forget to ask this question when making decisions that affect their lives or the lives of their children. Being a Christian man or being a Christian woman means more than just calling oneself a Christian. To be a Christian means that we follow Jesus. Some of us have lost sight of that definition, and we need to return to it."

"The Jesus Question" offers numerous examples of how Jesus's words apply to "real-life" situations that call for peacemaking. It further showcases courageous individuals who have behaved as peacemakers. "Jesus was a peacemaker," says Monson. "I have to wonder; do we believe that Jesus is the Prince of Peace or do we just dust off that maxim at Christmas time? For example, Jesus immediately forgave his enemies. Yet how many politicians who say they are Christians show forgiveness or try to resolve conflicts through peaceful means? Is it a Christian value to instigate wars in the name of peace? Would Jesus have endorsed a war like the one we are fighting in Iraq?"

Monson, a teacher, educational consultant, and contemplative Christian, felt compelled to write "The Jesus Question" out of concern for her country and the world. "As a Christian, I couldn't remain silent while so many people have blindly followed the path of leaders who have called themselves Christians but who have pushed agendas of fear and aggression. This is an inconsistency that must be examined."

Monson, who clearly states that she did not write "The Jesus Question" to encourage people to rally behind either John McCain or Barack Obama, wrote "The Jesus Question" to give those who identify themselves as Christians "a nudge to examine whether or not they are following Jesus or are simply following the crowd."

With the Inauguration of President Barack Obama just weeks away, Monson is hoping to move fundamentalist, moderate and liberal Christians to follow in the footsteps of Jesus and say, "Yes we can!" end violence and create world peace.

"Whether you are thrilled that Barack Obama won or furious that John McCain lost, it's time to step up to the plate," says Monson. "Each of us needs to follow in the footsteps of Jesus and act as Jesus would to help heal our world."

Says Monson in closing, "Many people love the glorious battle with the trumpets blowing, but we need to examine the deeper message we are sending to our children. We can't let the thirst for violence go on generation after generation; we have to speak up and make different choices. Humanity is capable of so much more than this. It is time for us to do better."

Endorsed by clergy members of many Christian denominations, "The Jesus Question: Daring to Walk the Path of Peace," is available through Amazon.

Those who would like to discuss the subject further are welcome to visit Christie Monson's blog http://thejesusquestion.blogspot.com.

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