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The Fun Way to Learn Languages

The Fun Way to Find out Languages

Ever wanted to discover French? Italian? Or maybe Japanese, so you can take pleasure in the newest anime with the original voice-acting instead of the frequently painfully bad English dubs?

Ever take a language class in school, only to locate yourself fumbling for words when you in fact want to communicate?

Understanding languages can be challenging, but it opens doors to new cultures and worldviews. Becoming proficient in a foreign language permits you to go beyond tourist travel, rather generating deep connections with locals and enjoying genuinely meaningful travel.

Most folks believe that understanding a new language is extremely challenging and time-consuming, but if you have an iPod or mp3 player, learning languages can be easy and fun!

The normal way languages are taught in school is through a bottom-up method, where you learn sets of rules about grammar, verb conjugations, word order, etc., and then attempt to develop the language following these rules. Nonetheless, if you've taken a normal language class, you know that this approach is terribly ineffective. Individuals who find out languages with this bottom-up, rule-based strategy often mispronounce words, mangle accents, jumble word order, struggle to conjugate verbs on-the-fly, and misuse vocabulary. That is because languages are too complicated and organic to be built only from rules.

Here are the three keys to understanding languages the enjoyable way:

Important #1: input. That means reading native writers and listening to native speakers. By listening exclusively to native speakers rather of error-prone classmates, you will pick up all the right habits, get an ear for pronunciation and accent, and understand cool phrases. You will memorize lines from movies, and you'll learn a lot of obscure vocabulary that may seem useless, but you'll pick up all the other stuff--the grammar, the widespread vocab, the pronunciation--naturally, without having even trying.

With input, the trick here is volume. You require to listen and read a lot. We're talking hundreds if not thousands of hours of listening, which seems daunting, but right after six seasons of Lost dubbed into Japanese, that is already more than 80 hours. And that's not even counting repeats!

Key #two: find content that interests you. In language classes, the assigned studying material is practically constantly extremely boring. This boring content not only doesn't teach you properly, it kills your desire to find out the language, and makes you forget why you wanted to find out it in the very first location! So throw away all the boring stuff. If you like action movies, find action movies in Spanish. If you like comedy, watch Japanese dramas. If you appreciate fine wines, locate a podcast about wine in Italian.

Key #3: don't do your homework, ever. Homework, like boring content material, is not only boring, it is soul-killing. Nobody ever likes homework. If you have to do homework to understand a language, why understand it in the 1st location? Learning languages can be enjoyable and exhilarating, but only if you select content that truly interests you, and refuse to ever do homework. If you are seeking at a language class at the local community college, you can be positive there will be homework. Forget about it. You can do this on your own!

That's all you require to know! Go uncover interesting content material, using the iTunes Shop in your target language, your neighborhood Chinatown video rental store, foreign blogs or video internet sites, or buddies living abroad. Get creative, and have a blast on your way to fluency!


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