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The 2011/2012 Budget Faces Rejection If It Fails to Address The Rising Cost of Commodities

The 2011/2012 Spending budget Faces Rejection If It Fails to Address The Rising Price of Commodities

The Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) wing of the coalition government may reject this year’s budget, if it fell short of cushioning the consumers from rising costs of basic commodities.

Two cabinet Ministers told a charged rally at Kibera’s Kamkunji grounds that they will disrupt the presentation of the spending budget speech unless the plight of the suffering Kenyans was factored.

Speakers at a rally also attended by Prime Minister Raila Odinga vowed to oppose the document arguing that its presentation contravened the spirit of the new constitution.

They accused Finance Minister Uhuru Kenyatta of failing to table the preliminary estimates earlier enough for perusal and possible amendments as demanded under the new laws. 

Lands Minister James Orengo declared his resolve to break ranks with cabinet colleagues and join the backbenchers to block the tabling of the budget on the floor of the home irrespective of his cabinet portfolio.

“I want the Prime Minister on whose behest I serve this government to enable me to be independent Tuesday to join likeminded backbenchers to shoot down the budget speech since matters of food are paramount,” he stated.

Orengo also insisted on the establishment of an independent commission to vet each the police and the Public Service Commission to allow the two bodies acquire legitimacy to undertake similar job.

Regional development Minister Fred Gumo stated the Treasury was taking the interest of the typical man for granted even after Premier who pensively followed the proceedings ordered a waiver on tax to cut costs of standard commodities.

He regretted that the leadership at treasury had to the contrary pushed fuel costs greater in total disregard of the premier’s call arguing that the coalition partners had been pulling on opposite directions more than the concern.

“You cannot anticipate the price of unga (maize floor) to go down however the expense of petrol is directly reflected on the costs of all fundamental commodities,” Gumo mentioned.

He wondered why neighborhood fuel costs remained reasonably higher compared to the case in other landlocked countries, which utilised Kenyan soil as their transit route for their imports.

Assistant minister Bishop Margaret Wanjiru echoed related sentiments but urged the ODM supporters not to waiver in their quest to location credible leadership throughout the coming common polls.

Nominated MP Rachael Shebesh even so tore into Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka more than the recent remarks to the impact that Nyanza resident were allegedly held hostage politically.

She asked Kalonzo to sort out troubles afflicting communities in his Eastern Province and bail them out of a circle of poverty and hunger prior to looking for the presidency.

Other speakers included Nairobi Mayor George Aladwa and Civic leaders from Lang’ata constituency.

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