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Tesselaar Plants Predicts Garden Trends for 2012

Lawndale, CA (PRWEB) November 04, 2011

Forget all those doomsday predictions about 2012. From the garden globe?s perspective, life will continue to be good ? with gardeners saving themselves water, hassles and misspent money. At least that?s according to several savvy garden professionals and a top garden trends survey.

Water-wise plants, products
Most on the minds of landscaping experts proper now are troubles surrounding gardening and water, "whether it is the use of water or the cleaning of water," says Sharon Coates, co-owner of Zaretsky and Associates, a landscape design-and-develop firm in Rochester, N.Y.

In light of recent droughts in locations like Georgia, Texas and the Carolinas, men and women are trying to use the water they do have a lot more frugally, Coates explains. ?Men and women are generating positive they?re watering responsibly, selecting plants that aren?t water hogs and putting rain sensors on their irrigation systems. They?re also making sure the irrigation is monitored so it?s not watering the driveway and sidewalk.?

Water-wise plants will also make the Mediterranean garden style (above) hot in 2012, says Genevieve Schmidt, a northern coastal California landscape designer and author of the North Coast Gardening weblog. Mediterranean landscape design, she explains, usually functions open and airy courtyards, light-colored, textured hardscaping such as mosaic walls, gravel beds or unglazed terra cotta pots and low-growing, drought-tolerant plants, hedges, topiary trees and vines (i.e. olive, bay and lemon trees, succulents, lavender, palms, roses and grasses). ?Of course, the vivid colors also assist make this a winning style.?

Also, when it comes to cleaning the water, particularly storm water carrying pollutants like fertilizers and motor oil into nearby waterways, several individuals are turning to rain gardens. ?These shallow depressions are filled with deep-rooted plants and grasses