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Terri Mccormick, Terri Mccormick Dawson

Terri Mccormick, Terri Mccormick Dawson

The following statement was issued by Terri McCormick:

In the rush to pass the so-called "healthcare reform bill," U.S. Senator Ben Nelson (D-NE) stomped his feet and held his breath until he extracted his presents from Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. 1 such gift exempts Nebraska from paying the million improve in Medicaid imbursement costs. Nelson was the 60th Democrat to get his stocking stuffed.

Wise parents know not to give in to spoiled kids attempting these shenanigans. If we gave kids everything they demanded, our family members spending budget would be as busted as last year's toy under the couch. You know, the 1 with batteries that are only made in China.

Each and every of us will soon pay for the Senate's extravagant spending. In Senator Nelson's case, his Nebraska voters will be exempted from the substantial price increases generated by new Medicare patients mandated by this program. Wisconsin taxpayers will foot the bill not only for the further costs for Wisconsinites, but for Nebraskans, too.

Senator Reid is like the parents that give their screaming youngsters every thing they ask for. Here is what the Wall Street Journal reported:

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid stated Mr. Nelson did not get particular treatment. "I worked with each Democratic senator" to make changes to the bill," Mr. Reid said. "Ben Nelson was just like the rest of them."

The majority leader added, "If you read the bill ... you'll locate a number of states are treated differently from other states. That is what legislation's all about: compromise."

So giving a present to every 1 of the 60 Senate Democrats is the way that healthcare funding decisions are being handled in Washington. It is not the way that we did true healthcare reform in Wisconsin at least not when I was in charge.

In 2002, I led the Speaker's Taskforce for Nearby Government Healthcare Partnerships. We employed a enterprise model to address runaway healthcare expenses to state and nearby government. We held a dozen hearings about the State, listening to the individuals as they identified the factors for expense spikes. With the support of private-sector talent, we crafted and passed the Competitive Prescription Drug Purchasing Pool, which saved million for non-represented state staff alone, in the first year. We recommended the use of Web transparency for healthcare expense bidding, as well as a high quality manage program of standards exactly where communities can view provider ratings online.

This approach put free market mechanisms in place to make certain a level playing field for health care competition. Contrast this pork-cost-free strategy with the U.S. Senate Christmas-tree bill, and you can see that government can, and ought to, do much better.

So I have a straightforward remedy for all sensible voters this Holiday season. Think about the permissive parents you see that give in to their spoiled children. Compare them to the incumbent politicians in your district and state. Vote out each 1 of them that can't say no to more spending. In these economic challenging times, that is the only way for our family budgets - and our nation -- to survive.

We require to cease giving a "Tickle Me Nelson" to each U.S. Senator.