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Telemarketing Speaker Asks: Have Your Salespeople Stopped Listening to YOU?

Telemarketing Speaker Asks: Have Your Salespeople Stopped Listening to YOU?

A couple of years ago, a delegation of senior managers came to me to assist them to reverse flagging sales.

They produced this overture:

"We would like you to come in and teach our salespeople what we've already taught them. We believe they might be more inclined to use the information if it comes from an outside professional."

At that time, I thought this was like a trick question. How could I know what they've already taught? I know MY approaches, and I can teach those.

Plus, I have devised ORIGINAL tactics that genuinely can't be located elsewhere, except from time to time in my books and articles. Did I understand appropriately that the client wasn't interested in ANYTHING NEW?

It seemed as if my typical mandate was getting reversed. Instead of the challenge, "Tell us something we do not already know," it was "Tell us ONLY what we already know!"

Weird, correct?

Perhaps, not.

The excellent management sage and my professor, Peter F. Drucker, repeated this in numerous of our classes together:

"There is no such thing as irrational customers. From their point of view, what they want and require are utterly reasonable and rational."

What is wrong with reinforcing what salespeople already supposedly KNOW, but Don't USE? Arguably, doing so is providing a higher service for a consulting client than attempting to deliver entirely novel methods.

At least, it really should be an choice even if it seems to an outside expert like the kid's burger on a gourmet restaurant's menu.

It takes maturity for organization brass, such as sales managers, to appreciate the truth that after a specific point your salespeople, like adolescents in your household, will start off tuning you out.

When that occurs, it may be time to hire an professional to tell them what they've already heard from you a hundred occasions.

Invite a "consultant" in to address the troops at your subsequent sales meeting, conference, or convention, an expert that one pundit defined as "An ordinary individual, far more than a hundred miles from house."

Dr. Gary S. Goodman is a leading speaker, sales, service, and negotiation consultant, attorney, Television and radio commentator and the ideal-selling author of 12 books. He conducts seminars and speaks at convention programs around the world. His new audio program is Nightingale-Conant's "Crystal Clear Communication: How to Explain Anything Clearly in Speech &amp Writing." He can be contacted about specialist consulting and speaking engagements at gary@customersatisfaction.com.



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