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Squirting Motivation Into Employees

Squirting Motivation Into Personnel

Most of the time I'm fairly motivated and enthusiastic about work. What's not to be excited about? I get to share my passion for leadership with folks who genuinely benefit from my function. I make my own hours and often work with two cute dogs at my feet. I realize, even so, that not every person enjoys high levels of motivation each day.Numerous of you replied to our recent survey and said that employee motivation is a major challenge. You asked: "What can we do to support workers bring passion and energy to work, even if it's one of those days (or weeks) when they just do not really feel like operating." This month and in the months to come I'll be sharing ideas and concepts for producing a motivating perform atmosphere.

An post in the March 2008 HRMagazine shared some intriguing investigation about employee motivation and its link to brain function. It said that if a manager shows interest in workers, supports them, and praises them genuinely, the manager is basically "squirting" serotonin into the employee's brain.

Serotonin is the chemical that makes us feel good. It opens our minds to new ideas and creates a desire to support others. Serotonin leads to enhanced levels of motivation.

Likewise, a manager can inadvertently "squirt" the chemical cortisol into an employee's brain by treating the employee unfairly or by diminishing the efforts of the employee. In turn, the cortisol leads the employee to shut down any willingness to aid or to be open to new tips. It is a demotivator.Exciting stuff, huh?This brain research leads us to ask, "How can a manager consistently "squirt" motivation into an employee? Here are a couple of thoughts:

1. Add some fun and selection into the day-to-day routine. When was the last time you and your staff laughed and played together? Throw about a ball, start an American Idol pool (I knew David Cook would win!), start every staff meeting with a "fun fact." Anything that breaks the monotony and adds power will squirt a small serotonin about.


Present personnel with input and options. The more we really feel we can control in our world, the more satisfied we are. As a manager, what can you let go of? How can you give a little a lot more independence to your staff? When they really feel in control, they'll be much more motivated to carry out.

3. Develop objectives and challenges for all personnel. No matter the job, workers must know what they are operating to attain and what they need to do to get there. A clear path is a particular way to squirt some serotonin about.

In the coming months we'll discover far more tips for producing a motivating work environment. We'll also discover how to avoid squirting cortisol into employee's brains, demotivating them when we may well not even understand we are performing it. As a manager, it is important to know that just a small "squirt" can make a difference in one more person's life. Make it a good 1.