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Speaker Intelligent Digital Remote Manage With Fm Radio Transmission Coverage To Attain

Speaker Intelligent Digital Remote Manage With Fm Radio Transmission Coverage To Achieve

Write-up by hi joiney

Fat city, Shandong Province Radio and Tv Bureau spokesman Zhang WeiAbstract: The post, from a practical point of view, described the use of intelligent digital remote manage FM Speaker Broadcast transmission coverage features, functions, technical standards and lack of development of the broadcasting business for more than a positive reference.   With the rapid development of broadcast technologies, cable been gradually replaced by FM radio, but before that Villages Radio, loud speaker situation of every single household has ceased to exist, the development of scenario is not optimistic broadcasting, specifically radio stations in certain county or city level (some of them have to listen to broadcast for a lengthy time). Years, fertilizer City Radio and Television Bureau to develop digital FM radio as the major direction of the development of the broadcasting business, making use of intelligent digital remote speaker FM radio transmission coverage to accomplish and achieved very good economic and social benefits. Currently, the city unlimited for broadcast Launch Cover 100% of all urban and rural resident offices are achieved with FM speaker cover, timer switch machines each day, so that the voice of radio communication to take the initiative to convey to every corner of the city, this way, change radio, "I want to listen" to "listen to me," expanded audience, and also enhance the impact of broadcasting for the promotion, income generation to develop a excellent carrier. 1, using intelligent digital remote manage FM radio transmission coverage to obtain an overview of speaker Moving today's broadcasting program integration, digital, multimedia, networking direction, to accomplish low-cost, integrated multi-functional, intelligent, automated and remote transmission of the target. Particularly the wide application of digital technology, broadcasting areas for future development. Feicheng Radio and Television broadcasting technologies combined with today's globe, NC Communicate, Digital audio, digital networks, Digital Broadcasting And controlling the field of advanced technologies, combined with the actual development of Feicheng broadcasting, construction, completion of a set of intelligent digital remote control FM speaker method, the program consists of digital remote management of FM radio, digital remote manage encoders, digital remote manage FM speakers, digital the FM radio remote manage machine composed of income expansion, combined with the digital audio, broadcast automation, intelligent management, FM launch, FM receivers and other advanced broadcasting technology, entirely changed the cable broadcast mode, with no want to set up lines, wide coverage low price, flexible work patterns, straightforward maintenance attributes. Second, intelligent digital remote control FM component speaker systemIntelligent digital remote control FM speaker technique in accordance with overall preparing of "digital audio broadcast automation and management intelligence to expand liberalization" at the request of organizations, primarily from the front Broadcast Manage Equipment, transmission equipment and terminal listening devices composed of 3 parts. Front-end broadcast digital remote manage device from the FM radio manager (or digital remote manage encoder), program source ( Computer Broadcast management system, Mixers, CD, recording deck, tuner) composed of front-end broadcast control management device. Transmission equipment from the FM Transmitter Or FM modulator and the CATV network composition. FM digital remote speakers, FM radio and other income component of extension terminal listening devices. Method utilizes "digital remote control, digital broadcasting, FM transmission, FM reception" of the work. 3, intelligent digital remote FM speaker technique Primary technical parametersThe intelligent digital remote control FM speaker program construction in accordance with ministerial regular, advanced and practical realization of the unity. 1, numerous energy levels with FM transmitter, CATV cable transmission network had been supporting. two, county (city) control the township (town) and township (town) control villages, 3 with manage, three network. three, controller number (the number of support groups Speaker district) unlimited. 4, set the audio volume manage levels: 128,-20db automatic compression / expansion. five, method clock, network clock or synchronized with the digital workstation. 6, with LAN, WAN, fixed telephone, Mobile Telephone, etc. interfaces. 7, can be self-programming, self-growth functions, flexible network. 8, ready to open into the election, the election relations, zoning, open, mixture switch. 9, the technique capacity is unlimited, the number of receiving devices without restriction, be increased. 10, the terminal device operating frequency range 72MHZ? 108MHZ adjustable, high receiving sensitivity. 11, terminal equipment Audio Response: 70Hz-16000Hz, the output distortion power 1W, 10W, 15W, 25W, 50W adjustable, volume manage adjustable. 14, according to group, many groups, any combination of broadcasting all of the terminal can be forced. 4, FM speaker system intelligent digital remote manage key functions and featuresDigital remote control FM speaker program with a standard FM radio does not have the unique advantage of distinct features are as follows: 1, the standard sound broadcast transmission systemsThe technique to our radio station as the center for city and county and township (town) radio station based on two transmission systems, and radio stations to cities and counties as the central broadcasting station to relay township and village-based radio room The 3 stations integrated transmission method requirements. Even the village or township is not a radio room subordinate units, municipal and county radio station may well also force the switching broadcast radio propaganda role to play, to implement higher-level instruction, command and production, broadcast notification, etc.. Also various existing standards in genuine-time control network using radio, such as Ethernet, LAN, WAN, integrated data service network of public telephone line switching network PSTN (fixed line), microwave transmission, optical transmission, and cellular phones network (mobile telephone) so that they can quickly live on internet site, the competent leadership at all levels no matter what time, location and have timely and efficient use of radio, on-website operation, emergency notification, direct the production, layout tasks. two, a powerful automatic broadcast management systemSystem consists of a devoted digital remote manage encoder as the master pc at the exact same time through the program control software manage can be achieved manually, automatically timed play. Working hours can also be pre-set list, Automatic fixed broadcast time, with out human intervention, automatically play, to attain unattended features. On the broadcast time, play locations, etc. can be freely programmed manage, play region ahead of the method automatically opens the corresponding points in the energy FM speaker, automatically shut down right after playing. Automatic state programs can automatically signal the size of compression and expansion, to guarantee the district's FM speaker volume is moderate, you can manually terminate the timed broadcast, to manually control the radio spots ready to inform and music functions. three, multi-addressable partition program FM speaker method intelligent digital remote manage is simple, powerful, stable performance,