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Seven Practical Requirements for Winning the War on Poverty

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) May 31, 2010

Doug Wallace, author of the award winning memoir, Every thing Will Be All Correct, announces the creation of a new foundation, ?S-KURVE,? (Saving Kids Underperforming by Reinforcing Values Everyday), is developed for the objective of studying the Culture of Poverty. Doug Wallace, who was born into an impoverished Tennessee loved ones, was one of eight children in a family members that had been enchained in a cycle of poverty for 4 generations. Doug Wallace says the study will focus on seven practical requirements for winning the war on poverty.

Says Wallace, ?When research groups conduct generalized research about teen attitudes, or self-esteem, or happiness the outcome is meaningful only to the precise social economic status of that group. And, when leaders of our society make policy choices based upon research that fail to take into consideration the culture of poverty, they are breaking the social contract that guarantees each kid in America an equal chance to pursue the American Dream.

?Change the behavior, and you modify the future of an impoverished youngster,? says author Doug Wallace. He believes that the gap in understanding the culture of the poor is one of the crucial factors for the government?s failure in the war on poverty. The study will focus on seven practical requirements for winning the war on poverty. Operating with school districts and neighborhood leaders in the housing projects of Nashville, TN as properly as the impoverished neighborhoods of San Diego, CA, Wallace outlines the focus of the study as follows: