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Running-for-National-PTA-Board Campaign Flyer

Running-for-National-PTA-Board Campaign Flyer

Sample Running-for-National-PTA-Board Campaign Flyer

Aurelio Manuel Montemayor

Rooted in Advocacy Reared in Laredo, TX and growing up fluent in Spanish and English, Aurelio began his career as a public high school English teacher in San Felipe High School in Del Rio, Texas in 1964 and has been an activist for equitable schools given that then. He continues to advocate for outstanding and equitable public schools for all youngsters, specially those that are economically disadvantaged, are of color or speak a language other than English. (For friends who are challenged in pronouncing his very first name, 1 English speaker provided the following: Oh? Really? Oh!)

Professionally Skilled Aurelio is a senior education associate and master trainer with the Intercultural Development Research Association (IDRA). IDRA is in its 35th year of advocacy for schools that function for all young children. He is the lead developer of the organization’s Family Leadership in Education Model. His four-decade skilled career has been a mission driven journey in education as teacher, community organizer, curriculum developer, master trainer, and for the last 30 years at IDRA, as an advocate for parent leadership in education. He developed a completely bilingual training-of-trainers model, WOW Workshop on Workshops for educators and parents. Over 200 emerging parent leaders, numerous who are English-language learners, have participated in that course alone.

Verified Leadership  In over 8 years of directing a statewide federally funded Parent Data and Resource Center, Aurelio has led hundreds of workshops, written numerous articles, participated in conferences and colloquiums and disseminated thousands of pieces of information on Parent Leadership in Education. In 2007 he wrote monthly articles related to parent involvement and No Child Left Behind. Under his leadership, the Texas IDRA PIRC was honored final year as one of 5 in the nation whose practices and processes had been considered exemplary in a Department of Education publication Engaging Parents in Education: Lessons From Five Parental Info and Resource Centers.

Board Encounter In the summer of 2006 he was named to the National PTA board as a member-at-big and served on the Diversity Committee. This year he is portion of the Finance Committee. He is a member of the Horace Mann M.S. PTA in San Antonio. He is also on the national board for Parents for Public Schools (PPS).

            Persistence His strongest recommendation is persistence (40+ years) in advocacy for exceptional public schools for all young children, and in that battle, supporting parents as the central and strongest advocates for all young children to get an superb and equitable education. Beyond all the training, writing and program development and evaluation he has completed, his most cherished skill is the loud and persistent voice for families and youngsters specifically those who most need the advantages and blessings of an accessible, high top quality and equitable public education. Graduation for All!

            PTA Challenge We in PTA nonetheless have a way to go in bringing on board those millions of parents whose youngsters are in public schools and who depend on public education to recognize the American dream. Numerous of the families and schools Aurelio works with in Texas don’t see PTA as a required and critical part of their children achieving that dream.

            PTA Answer But, he believes that PTA is the organization, and the PTA members are the people, who have the history and the power for the dream of this democracy to become a reality for all of our young children.

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