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Recession Proof Church Giving: Help Has Arrived for America's Churches During Economic Recession

Louisville, KY (PRWEB) August 18, 2008

With thirty-plus years in Christian ministry and fundraising, Dr. McSwain has consulted with hundreds of Christian churches representing every Christian communion in America.

As a professional in Christian philanthropy and fundraising, he is frequently asked, "Why is giving on the decline in virtually every church in America? Is the culprit the economy?"

"No," responds Dr. McSwain. "Economic downturns do make religious people more conscientious about how they invest their resources. When employers freeze wages...when prices are higher, you should expect the coffers tol be lighter. But, the economy has little to do with the decline in the number of coins that ring in coffers. Even when our economy was booming, giving was waning. Giving has been declining for decades."

"A more important question is: 'What motivates generosity? Why would any person give anything at all?'"

Dr. McSwain says, "Generosity is never tied to circumstances, but to convictions. If the economy had anything to do with giving, the Macedonians, about whom Saint Paul wrote in sacred scripture, had every reason to quarantine the meager resources they did have. Instead, however, their generosity was outlandish."

"Just as in Macedonia, this kind of outlandish generosity exists today," says Dr. McSwain, "but it isn't because of sermons on tithing or the pulpit scolding of those who do not give. Motivation for giving must come from somewhere other than guilt for not giving or shame for giving too little."

In his book, The Giving Myths, Dr. McSwain delivers, through a plethora of inspirational examples, that generosity springs from a deep life-transforming experience of grace. "You never have to beg from people who have experienced grace," he says, "but you almost always have to beg from those who have not."

"If there is a decline in giving in church, look for a deficit of grace in people's lives," says Dr. McSwain. "It is there you'll find the answers for what motivates giving. Grace is the key that unlocks generosity." Discover how in The Giving Myths. Make the church recession proof today.

Dr. Steve McSwain has thirty-plus years in Christian ministry and giving. As a bestselling author and inspirational speaker, Dr. McSwain is warmly received in every Christian denomination. Book him today for a speaking engagement or a generosity workshop by contacting Jim Rittenhouse at http://www.McKinneySpeakers.com. Or, call (800) 955-4746. Dr. McSwain is regularly heard and seen on radio and television interviews across the country.

All proceeds from the sale of his book are donated to http://www.ModestNeeds.org. Order from the publisher: Smyth & Helwys at http://helwys.com/books/giving_myths.html or from any bookstore outlet. Visit him at http://www.stevemcswain.com .


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