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Public Speakers - Sell Information Products Online

Public Speakers - Sell Data Items On the internet

The Net is providing opportunities for public speakers to sell issues online. Not only can they sell the issues they often sold off-line, they can sell "information goods" and services. The fact that electronic items cost virtually nothing to duplicate and deliver opens many previously unknown opportunities.

As a public speaker, you are already acquiring a big fraction of your income selling physical merchandise. You can sell these physical products on the web. You can sell the exact same things you sell off-line. You can sell tickets to your live speeches and live seminars. You can sell your books. You can sell audio recordings of your speeches and seminars. You can sell DVDs of your speeches and seminars.

With the web, you can sell print-on-demand books. A print-on-demand book, as the name says, is only printed when an order is submitted. This eliminates a excellent deal of risk and inventory expense.

Now you can also sell e-goods.

You can sell merchandise for download. You can sell eBooks in PDF format. You can sell audio and video files of your speeches and seminars. You can sell video slide shows -- video files of a sequence of images with your voice over.

You can sell items that arrive in a series of emails. You can sell subscriptions to your ezine. You can sell home study e-understanding courses, which are like limited-duration, canned ezines: the lessons arrive each couple of days in emails.

You can sell attendance at your teleseminars. When people sign up, they are given an access code and telephone number. At the appropriate time, they dial a telephone number, supply the access code, and listen to the seminar. They can look at slides and get handouts online.

You can sell attendance at webinars.

Webinars are really a lot like teleseminars, except that attendees can listen to and watch a genuine time slide show over the Web.

You can sell membership in your private, members only net site. At the net internet site they have free access to your downloadable goods that they otherwise would have to pay for. They can read your private weblog. They can read and post items on a private forum. They get access to other members-only positive aspects, such as private consultations with you more than the phone.

The electronic items do not price anything to duplicate, so they are perfect candidates for give-aways, that is to say, goods you exchange for one thing other than money. You can offer them as bonuses when folks purchase some other of your goods. You can supply them in exchange for letting you put them on your mailing list. (Ezines and eCourses are perfect for this.) You can provide them in exchange for good will and remaining attentive members of your mailing list. You acquire a wonderful deal of your income from relationship advertising, which is built on ongoing positive interactions with the individuals on a mailing list.

The best news is that all that you demand to offer you these products and services is offered on the internet, inexpensively and not requiring much expertise to use.

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