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Pre-Conference Session Brings Together Nmos And Market

Pre-Conference Session Brings Together Nmos And Business

Hyderabad, India: As a pre-conference programme of Geospatial World Forum, GIS Development organised a two-day discussion forum for the heads of national mapping organisations (NMOs) from various countries and market representatives from across the globe. This exclusive two-day programme was aimed to encourage delegates to deliberate upon concerns, issues, opportunities and challenges of every stakeholder of this domain to discover out some common grounds and techniques in order to support each other accomplish their objectives and contribute to the overall growth of geospatial industry.

Setting the pace of the forum, Sanjay Kumar, CEO, GIS Development observed that the geospatial market is growing rapidly and the main stakeholders in this industry are NMOs and the industry. This programme facilitates exchange between these two so they can put their act together and work out a growth path. Prof. Ian Dowman, Editor – Europe, GIS Development added that it is critical to realize what NMOs want and how the market can serve those requirements.

In his keynote address, Kevin Pomfret, Executive Director, Center for Spatial Law and Policy, USA, deliberated upon the importance of spatial law and business. He opined that as spatial information becomes more widespread and relationships turn into a lot more complicated, as applications for spatial information turn out to be far more complicated, the legal risks become much more complicated and the risks become higher. Defining spatial law as the set of legal issues associated with spatial technology and collection and use of location and other kinds of spatial information, he identified privacy, information ownership, national security information high quality/liability as issues to be addressed in the context of spatial law. He illustrated that with social networking applications like Google Steet View and Facebook and use of location data by law enforcement, location privacy problems are receiving a excellent deal of attention. Factors like cultural differences with respect to privacy also impact capability to share information. Stressing on why it is critical to educate lawyers on spatial technology, he stated that lawyers really should know what to put into licensing agreements.

In his opening address, Maj. Gen. (Dr.) R. Siva Kumar, CEO, NSDI, and NRDMS, India, remarked that NMOs are unable to match growing demand of geospatial due to conservative approach and that new techniques and models are a challenge the NMOs face in the light of changing market dynamics. He also stressed on the want to look at how private sector can function with NMOs. Challenges identified by him included issues related to data accuracy/integrity/price, a level playing field for each government and non-government players and development of very good positioning infrastructure. Challenges on the technical side incorporate metadata generation and digitisation of archives specially presatellite information. Funding for mapping programmes is also a challenge according to Dr. Siva Kumar who informed the audience about a UN forum on geographic data management. He also asserted the want of consumer-focussed services by NMOs.

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