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Pearls Are Surprisingly Popular Gifts for Father?s Day 2010

Denver (Vocus) June 8, 2010

Dad?s nationwide will be receiving pearls this Father?s Day. Pearls of wisdom that is.

The gems are contained in an entertaining book, ?Life?s Small Ahas,? which is chock full of unique a single and two-sentence aphorisms that are certain to make Dad?s believe ? and often chuckle.

?A little wit, a tiny wisdom, and life slips back into its suitable point of view,? observes Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper, a single of the a lot of fans of the book written by Rob ?Sunny? Roseman, a popular broadcaster and public speaker. Roseman developed ?Life?s Tiny Ahas? to encapsulate several of the truisms he has heard more than the years coming from the mouth?s of daily men and women.

?Be prepared to laugh out loud, sigh, and even shed a tear or two as you ponder these believed proving?and humorous? ahas,? says Roseman.

In this economy, particularly, Dads will appreciate the abundant wisdom and motivation that comes from a rapid-to-read book that won?t break anyone?s bank to buy. ?Life?s Tiny Ahas? is accessible for only $ 12.95 (plus shipping) from http://www.SunnyRoseman.com, as effectively as on Amazon.com.

In the introduction to his book, Roseman, the father of two, notes that significantly of his personal sagacity resulted from stumbling and outright falling on his face. His book carries the subtitle, ?Things I Wish I?d Known.?

Regardless of their age, each fathers and grandfathers are particular to nod their heads in grinning acknowledgement of the a lot of life lessons embodied in ?Life?s Little Ahas.?

?There is one thing heartening when you recognize, as I did in my fifties, that you had been appropriate at the age of twenty when you believed the world was complete of possibilities,? Roseman says. Likewise, he adds, he has come to respect ?all the issues I know now that I wish I?d known at twenty.?

Like a lot of excellent books of quotes and wisdom, Roseman says ?Life?s Tiny Ahas? touches readers at all stages. ?People regularly tell me they enjoy this quote or that saying,? Roseman notes. ?What is interesting is that there is no consensus on which ones are best ? individuals adore them differently based upon exactly where they locate themselves along life?s path.?

Although so many Father?s Day gifts break, fade or rapidly grow out of style, Roseman notes that the wisdom in ?Life?s Little Ahas? will in no way go out of style.

?Pearls of wisdom are indeed like fine watches and jewelry ? timeless in their value, cherished by their owners and passed on from one particular generation to the next,? he says.

Credentialed journalists who are interested in receiving a critique copy of ?Life?s Tiny Ahas? or who would like an interview with author Rob Roseman really should make contact with Dean Rotbart at 310-492-5858 or e-mail him. Roseman could also be contacted directly for these wishing to book him as an event speaker at http://www.SunnyRoseman.com

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