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One Man Sets Out to Challenge Youth/Teens to Find Their Passion as a Campaign Against Alcohol and Drug Use

New York, NY (PRWEB) September 18, 2010

Stan Morse, with the release of his new book But For The Grace of God: 1 Man?s Spiritual Walk from Self Destruction to Salvation, is on a one man mission to help youth and teens avoid his same fate with alcohol and drug use at an early age. ?It was my require to be ?cool? and to be accepted that led me to not wanting to give my greatest in school, and ultimately led me to start off drinking heavily at an early age, entirely unaware that the ?enjoyable? that I believed I was having would ultimately lead me into my addiction? states Morse.

But For The Grace of God is a riveting story about a Black man's journey from drug addiction to self-awareness and redemption. Years of private struggle caused Stan Morse to wreck every thing in his life, from marriages and friendships to various company opportunities and political endeavors. Faced with the possibility of imprisonment soon after squandering millions of dollars in actual estate, and reeling from the aftermath of a vicious struggle with drug addiction, he lastly begins to regain control of his life.

As The White Home Office of National Drug Policy (ONDCP) embarks on another round of funding to the tune of 85.6 million dollars to nearby communities to stop youth drug use, and rolls out one more set of ?Above The Influence? media campaign ads, Morse feels his first-hand account of making successes and then losing them due to drug abuse, in schools, community organizations and faith based institutions, has just as a lot of an impact in encouraging youth to reject the use of illicit drugs and to make the correct choices.

?Utilizing myself as an example, I want to get the message across that they can achieve something, no matter what they could be going via in life now, or what they may go by way of later on in life. The loss of money, close friends, respect and marriages can't stop an individual when they embrace their true objective in life. I challenge them to look within themselves NOW to discover what their passion is to avoid what I skilled? says Morse.

Morse will speak of his heart-wrenching experiences and transformation at Hue-man Bookstore & Caf