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"OG Willie J The Jack Of ALL Trades"A very powerful and inspiring book!

"OG Willie J The Jack Of ALL Trades"A quite effective and inspiring book!

I got a sneak preview of the manuscript of the book soon to be released titled "OG Willie J The Jack Of All Trades" by Minister Willie Wiggins Jr Aka Reverend OG Willie J, and it is going to be a number one seller.

I am positive that it will hit the big scream as a movie. I have read numerous bio's of a lot of folks but none has captivated me and allowed me to encounter every type of human emotion achievable!

This raw and graphic, gritty, story of Willie Wiggins Jr Aka Reverend Og Willie J, and Aka Minister Willie Wiggins Jr has all the elements of a Multi, Million, Dollar Platinum Movie!

Beginning from his life growing up in a over strict loved ones as a child he experienced abuse that led him to rebel against his parents which led him to a life of crime, funds, females, drugs, and self destruction.

He skilled issues that would have created 90% of the population give up on life but as he grew older and skilled tragedy, trails and tribulation. He met and overcame all of the obstacles in his path.

He is now the author of the book "The Last Chapter, (a self support inspirational book) and his book "OG Willie J The Jack Of All Trades" will hit the stores soon! He is an ambassador of the Lord, Minister of God, and has degrees in Psychotherapy, Accounting, Ministry, and is now attending Kaplan University on-line. He is also a Motivational speaker, preacher and teacher.

He utilised to talk his way in and out of all sorts of circumstances and became one of the greatest con artists ever. In his own words he says that "He was the scum of the earth".

Now he talks adults, young adults, and teenagers out of a negative way of life that leads to a life of self destruction. In the schools and universities, he is a motivational speaker, teaching and convincing the youths, young adults as properly as elderly individuals how to live and walk a straight path in life. He speaks to youths about staying in school, creating life capabilities, obeying those in authority, drinking and drugging and furthering their education.

In the churches he preaches the word of God, and provides raw testimony in an exciting way that captivates his audience. In schools & other locations he speaks as a motivational speaker teaching on life abilities development and giving his testimony of life.

If you would like to book Minister Willie Wiggins Jr, Aka Reverend OG Willie J, to come to your school, call: 941-623-7897