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Nicola Horlick - Motivational Speaker

Nicola Horlick - Motivational Speaker

Nicola Horlick is the legendary fund management guru who shot to fame in the 90's for appearing to be the woman who 'did and had it all', combining a high powered fund management position at the most senior of levels, with a big loved ones, including six youngsters!

Given that moving away from her original career in fund management, becoming an author and thought leader, Nicola has been considerably in demand on the speaker circuit, thanks to her knowledge of company, the financial market, leadership, the challenges of function-life balance, ladies in company and handling the media. Her wealthy physique of expertise, combined with her fresh and engaging manner make her a favourite for significant corporate groups and after dinner parties.

A senior fund manager and Chief Executive Officer of Bramdean Asset Management, Nicola's encounter spans twenty-five years, with her role in some of the UK's leading asset management firms being cited as pivotal. Constantly attracting media comment and enterprise interest, Nicola's experience and input has made a real mark on the asset management globe.

Nicola Horlick began her career at SG Warburg (later Mercury Asset Management) in 1983, joining the company's graduate trainee scheme. She later joined Morgan Grenfell's Asset Management division in 1991 as Director, rising to Managing Director of the company's UK Fund Management division in 1992. Under her management, the funds she was responsible for grew over the subsequent four years to £22 billion, from an initial worth of £4 billion.

Nicola left Morgan Grenfell to take time out to write her novel 'Can you Have it All' about her daughter's leukaemia treatment. This was a book of her 1st-hand experiences that took six weeks to write and revealed the real woman behind the public image and media headlines. The proceeds were all sent to Excellent Ormond Street, the hospital that had treated her daughter via her illness.

Later in 1997, she co-founded the UK's wing of SGAM (Société Générale's Asset Management), pulling in over £7 billion of investments and adding a sixth addition to her loved ones with the birth of Baby Horlick.

Nicola Horlick is a lot more than just a woman in the headlines, her peers and industry have a excellent respect for the way she's successfully managed a enormous array of challenges and life experiences, both in a expert and private capacity and often in the public eye and media glare. Nicola uses these experiences to engage and entertain the audience, whilst conveying essential life-lessons and messages which they can incorporate into their own lives, whatever their profession or interests. Her views and insights on leadership and the challenges of sustaining a wholesome work-life balance are fascinating and often extremely well-liked with the most diverse of audiences. She is inspirational, lively and extremely intelligent – a compelling and approachable speaker who informs as properly as entertains.

As properly as her own wealthy life experiences, Nicola Horlick can cover various topics with authority including financial management, women and their roles, media management, leadership and company.

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