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New Songs Wonderful Girl and Sour Sugar Celebrate Beautiful Girls in Street Fashion

Mauldin, SC (PRWEB) August 10, 2010

New Songs of these days?s generations generally speak about the flaws of girls? character and habit. New Hip Hop 2010 freshmen C.KhiD says he wants to be identified diverse for his music nonetheless. Releasing new songs ?Great Girl? and ?Sour Sugar? on iTunes, the Hip Hop, Pop, and Rock music songs inspired rapper celebrates stunning girls everywhere.

?Getting diverse is crucial. Everyone talks the exact same monotonous stories. Does not matter if it?s rap, Rock, or pop just listen to lyrics...they?re typically the identical from the US to the UK music. The only stuff I look forward to is New Kanye West. My songs are distinct. They motivate and speak to folks who live life by no means settling,? says the youthful rapper of his new songs.

Launching music videos for every single, fans of the new songs can watch all releases on C.KhiD's official Youtube. With almost four million views and four,000 subscribers, the rapper?s innovative choices have been received well by many.

Currently involved in numerous projects inside the Hip Hop music and entertainment scene, C.KhiD has undoubtedly confirmed he knows how to locate accomplishment. Moving past old habits to acquire LRG clothing and shop for matching sneakers, he?s now far more mature and meticulous in character and message. Writing those experiences in new songs, C.KhiD gives listeners experiences of touching good results and determination to use your creativity.

?I?m an extreme hustler and really like generating new songs. As soon as in a common position, I know specifically what to do. I wont be a rapper than spends every little thing just to Get G-Shock watches and appear cool. Life?s all about getting enjoyable but I plan to own a piece of Hip Hop background,? continued C.khiD on his newest songs from the Black Box Dreams 3 album.

A extremely driven individual, rapper C.KhiD was born on the southern side of the Carolina states. Locating independence at an early age, hustling music, school fund raisers, and gambling is what he credits to some of his organization sense. By the time C.KhiD turned 18, he utilised those developed senses to force his way into the Hip Hop entertainment market founding the first Hip Hop clothing site, Sojones.

Understanding the market thanks to his new identified media power, C.KhiD moved to New York to pursue the Hip Hop entertainment sector about age 18. Finding ways to enter 21 and up parties to achieve networking goals, he would exit immediately after that was achieved and return back residence to operate on his craft. Exhausted by some sector practices, he nearly gave up on working with sector professionals but credits a few folks with keeping his head straight.

Now Launching a net campaign, C.KhiD plans to be a key figure in Hip Hop 2011. Seeking to have a hand on what new songs get buzz in late Hip Hop 2010, he is busy hiring writers and launching new urban net internet sites for future plans. Organizing a network of blogs with content material ranging from Nicki Minaj to Lebron James High School sports career, the artist refuses to shed control of his career.

Hoping to reach an audience of millions with his new songs, C.KhiD is an artist like no other. Pushing forward with the habit of a machine built for accomplishment, his concentrate is to become a key hand for the North and South Carolina music and entertainment scene. Studying bios, major music singles, and even Lil Wayne interview media, his mindset is to learn a lot more than the common man will discover in a lifetime during his twenties.

Those interested in buying C.KhiD music can search on iTunes, Amazon, Myspace, iPhone music retailer, and other main download sources. Fans can also download music on his official internet site, buying from the artist direct.

C.KhiD Hip Hop Ringtones are accessible for your cell phones and other mobile devices through Myxer.com. There has been more than 260,000 C.KhiD downloads with the single 'Sour Sugar' getting most well-liked with almost 60k downloads.

View newly common C.KhiD Music Videos Beneath:

**video** Great Girl - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xyLIzttbauw
description - Song was inspired while C.KhID was going to San Jose, Costa Rica in 2009. The country's pura vida life-style inspired him to speak on discovering a girl who was innocent of extreme materialism and confident in her decisions. Has some comedy input and contains cameos from black comedy artist Jus' Jeff and female poet/music artist E.Black. Video is C.KhiD's most latest launch.

**video** Sour Sugar - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sml_SsUbtlE
description - A song inspired by the believed of extreme opposites creating the perfect blend. Studying and experiencing relationships with girls, C.KhiD wanted to aid people find peace in home when a lot more. Even though most music nowadays expresses the notion of leaving and giving up, C.khiD make a summer song that tends to make listeners remember every little thing greater about a person and their connection.

**video** Yeah Yeah - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W78xtJ3FjoI
description - A new song that was inspired by individual experiences of accomplishment and a fitness model friend of C.KhiD thinking how he stated 'yeah yeah ' was cute. Connecting with producer "beatship beats" for the instrumental, he created a song taking aim at haters, disbelievers, and agitators that want to see him fail.

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