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New Book The Law of Abundance Removes Mystery From Process of Creating Abundance

Dallas, TX (PRWEB) March 17, 2009

The Law of Abundance, a new book by S. D. Buffington, an authority on the psychology of high overall performance motivation, guides readers to the science of producing an abundant lifestyle in a in no way prior to presented way. "This book removes the mystery from the process of creating abundance in whatever way you define it and hands you an unfailing formula for mastering your life and outcomes," said Buffington.

"The Law of Abundance is a science-based set of principles that operate all the time, every single time, for any individual and everybody, bringing each and every of us completely predictable outcomes," mentioned the author. "After studying this book readers will know precisely why their efforts toward attracting wealth did or did not perform, and will know precisely what to adjust to vastly improve their outcomes."

According to Buffington, the principles behind the Law of Abundance were identified, defined and proven scientifically valid many years ago, but we didn't realize how humans fit into that image. So, despite the fact that we have the science and benefit from it every single day, we haven't even come close to profiting from it as fully as we may possibly.

"The reason the vast majority of folks are struggling is since there has been no trustworthy means for clearly understanding how the law that guides every outcome functions in the human knowledge, so men and women have been inadvertently misapplying their energies and efforts. The Law of Abundance tends to make it clear that we either set items in motion toward an outcome, positive or negative, or we stall power and remain stuck in a single location."

The Law of Abundance published by QuinStar Publishing is due out April 28, 2009 and will be accessible in main bookstores such as Barnes and Noble, Borders and Books-A-Million as nicely as on the web via Amazon.com and the book's website LawOfAbundance.com. The Law of Abundance DVD will be produced available via the book's website(http://www.thelawofabundance.com).

About S. D. Buffington
S. D. (Sherry) Buffington is a psychologist, innovator and founder of NaviCore International, Inc. which gives corporate education as properly as person coaching by means of a large national network of certified coaches, consultants and trainers. She is also creator of the proprietary, patented CORE Multidimensional Awareness Profile (CORE MAP)