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New Book Inspires Much Needed Hope, Optimism and Personal Empowerment Mastering A Joyful Life: Tap the Power Within

Philadelphia, PA (PRWEB) June 18, 2010

Mastering a Joyful Life, Tap the Power Within will inspire you to change your outlook on life, attain your targets and reach your inner potential. A powerful journey by means of: Evocation, Revelation, Gratitude and Fruition.

Sa Mut provides us a model of practical solutions moving readers from the thoughts of being deficient to living in prosperity. With its concentrate on uplifting the human spirit this function offers its readers the hope of joy and empowerment by tapping into your God-offered talents which are usually within arm?s reach.

excerpt:: ?If you progress via your life with the perspective that you are a wretched, lowly, unworthy, powerless becoming depending on items and people for your joy and happiness, depending on issues outside yourself to empower you, then you will generate a world that is a reflection or a mirror of your disempowerment. That is what you will attract or call to your life. Thank God there is yet another way.?

?As you read this message it will water your seeds for growth and change in wellness and prosperous living. This message serves to inspire the reader to embrace their own personal power and exclusive spiritual soul print.? Jewel Diamond Taylor, Motivational Speaker & Author

?Everybody must read the Mastering A Joyful Life Book Series! After all, peace of mind, joy and happiness is what we ALL want.? Joe Knight, CEO of Knights Beauty Supply & Entrepreneurial Achievement Speaker, Philadelphia PA.

Item Facts

Perfect Paperback Publisher: Magical Mother Services 1ST edition (2010) ISBN-10: 0982726708 ISBN-13: 978-0982726709 ABOUT THE AUTHOR : Sa Mut A. Scott is a writer, enterprise owner, Certified Yoga & wellness coach with a combined 25 years of specialist experience. Sa Mut is a featured columnist for the Fourth Estate Newspaper. She instructs wellness classes to teen & adult females, and far more than 300 K-8th graders per week through the Mama Yoga Wellness System. Her specialty is rejuvenation and renewal for women

Up and coming book signings:
Saturday June 26th 2-4p
Classics Utilized & Rare Books Trenton, NJ
Friday July 2 & Saturday July 3rd 6pm & 2pm
Black & Nobel Books Philly Pa,
Tuesday July 13th 6pm 9
Temple of Illumination Brooklyn NY
Sunday July 25th 10a 5p

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