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Negotiating Tips When Hiring Keynote Speaker

Negotiating Tips When Hiring Keynote Speaker

Exchanging value for value is best when it comes to negotiating any deal instead of getting the price down. In care your keynote speaker wants ,000 and you have ,000 for the presentation, then look what do you have, which is worth ,000 to the speaker in exchange for their services? Refer the following ideas:

Present many dates

Are you booking keynote speaker for several meetings this year? For how many would this keynote speaker be suitable? Speakers are normally thrilled to lower the price for a assurance of several dates.

Combine events

Can your keynote speaker also do a seminar? Sit in on a board? Spouse program? Or Publicity spots? If you have a good budget for any of these other events, the speaker would frequently throw in one or more of these additional events free, for his normal fee.


What do you have in had to trade? Obviously an aerospace union is barely going to trade a trip on the up coming space shuttle. Most speakers have products they will adore to advertise to your group. One long distance telephone industry doubles the speaker’s fee, but pays it all in extended distance usage!

Allow speaker to sell products

Most speakers would come down quite a bit on the nominal fee if you permit them to sell their best seller books, cassettes, albums, etc. be careful! A few extremely unprincipled speakers would 'push' their products from your platform. This is awkward and revolting for your attendees. Many keynote speakers handle product sales with elegance and dignity. Something nice to take home to keep in mind a meeting and keynote speaker they really loved.

Use local speakers

If the keynote speaker could do your program, and still spend the night at home, in their own bed, they'll be delighted to do it for less as well. Often the fee is half of what it value when he should get on an airplane to get to you, and you don't require paying airfare! The sad fact is that at least 85% of the time, keynote speakers are brought from the 'other side' of the country-each side of the continent looks convinced, where the other side has better keynote speakers!

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