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Motivational Speakers: You May Think I’m All Wet

Motivational speakers will re-inflate your lethargic employees. Whew! It’s been so hot lately. This heat wave isn’t just in my part of the country…it's hot everywhere! My hope for you is that you have been relaxing somewhere in the AC during the hottest part of the day and drinking a lot of liquids.

When it’s hot outside, your employees’ energy levels can become zapped. They can become lethargic. While you’ve been trying to stay cool, you may have been contemplating reinvigorating your team with a motivational speaker.

So, here’s how it works. There is a family which lives near me. The parents bless ‘em, have three kids less than 8 years old. A few weeks back, the parents bought them your standard issue wading pool.  Well, you’ve never seen or heard such fun! A few weeks go by, and I notice that the wading pool is empty of water, deflated, folded in half and sitting in a corner of the yard. No fun.

Yesterday, I notice that the wife’s brother has come into town. He has taken the wading pool, rinsed it off, cleaned it out, re-inflated it and refilled it with water. Once again, tremendous fun was had by all of the kids! Hiring a motivational speaker to interact with your lethargic employees has the same impact as the uncle coming into town and re-inflating the wading pool.

Your team can be ‘re-inflated,’ and re-invigorated if a motivational speaker comes into town to pump up your team. Give me a chance to breathe life back into your key employees. I can assure you that they’ll have fun and be motivated to approach their work with a renewed sense of energy and purpose. Last one in the pool is a rotten egg!